Frogmore House: Everything you need to know about King Charles' unused royal residence near Adelaide Cottage

Everything you need to know about Frogmore House, the Royal Family's stunning mansion in Windsor that has hosted some spectacular events

Frogmore House
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Frogmore House is a royal residence that has been owned by the Royal Family for generations, here is what you need to know about this incredible Windsor property.

Frogmore House is a property that is owned by the Royal Family on the Windsor estate. The house is located near Windsor Castle, the late Queen's beloved home where she spend lockdown. 

It is also near Frogmore Cottage (opens in new tab), the home that was used by both Princess Eugenie and her family, and Prince Harry. It is also near Adelaide Cottage, the home to the Prince and Princess of Wales and their three children. While the property may seem to be perfectly located and just a stone's throw from many other prominent residences, it is currently unused by the Royal Family. 

Here is what you need to about this hidden gem in the Royal Family's property portfolio...

Frogmore House

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How long have the Royal Family owned Frogmore House?

Frogmore House was first built in 1684, and has been owned by members of the Royal Family for generations. However, the property wasn't initially built for members of the Royal Family.

The property was built by Hugh May, Charles II's Windsor architect who made the house for his nephew Thomas May and his wife Anne Aldworth. The property then passed onto various aristocrats and then in 1792 it was bought by a member of the Royal Family.

George III’s wife, Queen Charlotte bought Frogmore House in 1792 and was used as a country retreat for the Queen and her unmarried daughters who used the space to practice their hobbies and creative arts. According to the Royal Family website, Queen Charlotte once said of the property, "I mean this place to furnish me with fresh amusements every day."

Frogmore House

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Do the Royal Family still use Frogmore House?

Frogmore House is no longer used as a home by the Royal Family, and instead, the house is just used for entertaining and grand events. In May 2018, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle held their evening reception at the house. Similarly, in 2008, Peter Phillips and Autumn Kelly also held their reception at the house.

In the past, the property was more frequently used. Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, loved the property and reportedly spent part of her honeymoon there in 1923. She also loved to picnic outside the property which is a tradition that members of the family still continue.

It was also suggested that the home was particularly special to Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh who furnished the home with a number of important artifacts. As recently as 1997, the late Prince Philip furnished what had previously been Queen Charlotte's library and the Duchess of York's dining room with a selection of items from the decommissioned Royal Yacht Britannia.

Is Frogmore House open to the public?

Frogmore House

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At present, Frogmore House is currently closed to visitors. However, typically the property is open to tourists who want to see the property and learn more about the Windsor estate. The house and garden were last open to the public for just three days in 2022 with tickets costing £10.00. It has not yet been disclosed when the property will next be open to the public, but visitors can find more information on the Royal Collection Trust (opens in new tab).

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