Fans notice funny background detail as Queen meets the Emir of Qatar at Windsor Castle

The Queen met the Emir of Qatar at her Windsor Castle home, and eagle-eyed fans noticed a funny detail in the background of these shots

Queen met the Emir of Qatar
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The Queen met the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani at the Oak Room sitting room in Windsor Castle on Tuesday, May 24, 2022.

Qatari leader, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani, was in the UK meeting with Boris Johnson to officially invite the Prime Minister to travel to Qatar and watch the World Cup which is taking place in November.

While in the UK, the Emir met with the Queen ahead of her Platinum Jubilee celebrations that are scheduled to take place at the beginning of June. 

While taking the time to go to Windsor and meet the Queen, some royal fans noticed a few interesting details about the Queen's royal sitting room and some of the items appearing in the background of these images.

Fans noticed that rather than having an impressive television set that is fit for a palace, the Queen had opted for a more practical set up for Windsor Castle and had a smaller screen that was set up on a stand rather than mounted onto a wall. 

"2001 tv set vibes," said one fan zooming in on the dated TV set by the fireplace in Windsor Castle.

"Elizabeth!! That is the ugliest TV stand I have ever seen!!," said another cheeky fan.

Other fans complimented the Queen for this no-nonsense set up. "I love that she is frugal," said another commenter.

"She keeps things for years, that generation do," said another commenter who added that if she had an enormous TV, this may also ruffle feathers, "I suppose if it was flash people would complain too."

Other fans were less convinced by the Queen's frugal ways. "I spy a sky tv box," joked one fan who was sure that Her Majesty was enjoying premium TV channels. 

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Fans were also delighted to see Her Majesty back on her feet following her last public appearance when the Queen used a mobility aid at Chelsea Flower Show and was seen in a golf buggy being escorted around the flower show. One fan commented that it was, "Good to see Her Majesty back doing her thing."

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