Duchess Sophie delights in bold pink coat and gray knee-high boots, but her Princess Anne style hat is dividing fans

Duchess Sophie's bold pink coat was the perfect springtime look as the Duchess of Edinburgh joined with the Royal Family on Easter Sunday

Duchess Sophie's bold pink coat
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Duchess Sophie's bold pink coat was the perfect Easter look as the Royal Family gathered in Windsor to attend mass on Sunday, April 9, 2023.

On Sunday, the extended Royal Family, including senior working royals and non-working royals, attended an Easter Sunday service in Windsor. The mass was held at St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle in Berkshire and saw many members of the Royal Family join together for this religious celebration.

The Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh, Sophie and Prince Edward, were joined by their son James at this mass and were snapped by photographers as they attended this event.

Sophie Wessex

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Sophie looked charming as she wore a bright pink Evie coat dress from Catherine Walker, with puffed shoulders and pleated detail on the front. This isn't the first time that the Duchess has been spotted in this bold coat as it seems to be a go-to Easter look for Sophie.

In April 2012, Sophie attended the Easter Matins Service At St George's Chapel Windsor Castle. The Duchess was snapped in the exact same pink coat as she stood outside of the chapel with her daughter, Louise, and other members of the family.

Sophie Wessex

Sophie Wessex 2012

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This re-wear was an environmental choice from the Duchess who opted not to buy something new for the occasion. The Duchess made sure to update her style and refresh her look by changing the hat and shoes that she paired with the look.

In 2012, Sophie paired the pink coat with a thin cream hat which was adorned with feathers and ribbons on the side. She also wore a pair of nude beige patent heels and sheer beige tights, giving the look a more summery feel. 

In this 2023 look, Sophie instead paired the coat with warmer accessories, giving the look a more wintery feel. Her knee-high gray boots covered her legs completely and matched her Sophie Habsburg Belle de Jour Clutch and Philip Treacy hat for a coordinated look. 

Sophie Wessex

Duchess Sophie in 2023

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Although Sophie, the Duchess of Edinburgh rarely makes fashion mistakes and is regularly complimented for her chic style, on this occasion, the Duchess received a little bit of flack for her choice of hat which divided some fans. 

"I’m sorry but Sophie looks like the mad hatter," said one commenter on Twitter. "Lol Sophie hat looks like the mad hatter hat in Alice in Wonderland," agreed another. Another said, "I’m sorry, but I wish Sophie would bin all those hats from the 80s and 90s (and don’t give them to her daughter to wear)."

Princess Anne often wears extravagant hats like Sophie's and many members of the family, including Princess Catherine, are also big fans of the hat designer Philip Treacy. Although this hat may not have been a huge hit with royal fans, it is likely that we will continue to see this style of hat on members of the Royal Family - particularly the Princess Royal who hasn't changed her go-to style for many decades.

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