Duchess of Cambridge announces controversial engagement after huge royal snub

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge has announced the date of a controversial royal engagement that has already ruffled feathers

Duchess of Cambridge announces controversial engagement
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The Duchess of Cambridge has announced that she will be hosting a controversial royal engagement that has already ruffled some feathers.

The Duchess of Cambridge took to social media to announce the carol service that she will be hosting in London to reflect on the last 18 months and to celebrate inspirational people and organizations who helped support communities during the pandemic.

This wholesome event has already led to controversy as Prince William and Kate banned the BBC from broadcasting the service.

The Duchess announced on social media, "This Christmas we are celebrating the incredible work of individuals and organizations across the nation who go above and beyond to support their communities."

"Next week, The Duchess will host a Christmas carol service at Westminster Abbey, supported by The Royal Foundation, bringing many of those inspirational people together."

"The service, which will be broadcast in December, will look back on the last eighteen months, to think not only of the unprecedented challenges that we have all faced as we continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, but also to remember the positives: people and organizations pulling together in their communities, the small acts of kindness across different demographics and generations, and the unsung heroes who stepped up to help others."

The BBC has always hosted royal events and was even the main British network to broadcast Kate and William's wedding that took place at the same location—Westminster Abbey—10 years earlier. 

However, the royals have fallen out with the broadcaster after their recent documentary series The Princes and the Press, which looked at Prince Harry and Prince William's tumultuous relationship with the British press.

Reportedly, following this documentary, Prince William. Prince Charles and the Queen are set to file an official complaint about the topics raised in this controversial show.

This documentary also angered other royals such as Prince Harry who demanded they removed a misogynistic term about his wife from the program's final edit, and Meghan Markle who has already enlisted a reputation lawyer to address some of the bullying claims made in the show.

Meghan Markle

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The carol concert hosted by the Duchess of Cambridge is set to broadcast in December with the British network ITV. 

Although a specific date in December has not been revealed for the television broadcast, the live event at Westminster Abbey will be taking place on Wednesday, December 8, 2021, where the Duchess will host live in person.

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