The special meaning behind Meghan’s bracelet seen in touching photos from Botswana trip

Duchess Meghan

The Duchess of Sussex has been spotted wearing a special accessory in previously unseen pictures shared in a new post on the Sussex Royal Instagram.

  • To celebrate World Elephant Day yesterday, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex shared some previously unseen photographs from their trip to Botswana in 2017.
  • One of these featured Duchess Meghan's elephant bracelet, which has a special meaning
  • This follows theroyal news that Meghan's favourite M&S dress is back in stock!

In the post, Meghan and Harry shared some pictures from their 2017 trip to Botswana - one of the Duke's many trips to the country.

In the second picture, the Duchess's hands can be seen holding on to an elephant. In the photo, she's wearing some beautifully intricate jewellery.

And it turns out that one item she was wearing is an elephant hair bracelet, which are - according to Hello! - famous in Africa.

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These bracelets are typically made from elephant hair, but more recently, they’re made from different materials such as wire and different coloured beads. Some people in Africa believe that it brings them luck, and that whoever wears the bracelet will be blessed with health, love and prosperity.

The reason behind this is that some Africans believe that an elephant is the connecting factor between heaven and earth, making the elephant hair bracelet even more significant in their culture.

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Elephant hair bracelets feature two, four or six knots, which also hold special meanings to the person wearing it. Duchess Meghan’s features two knots, which is said to signify the earth, representing fertility, and nature, representing the spirits and forces.

Even more interestingly, if you wear the bracelet on your left wrist, it’s meant to suggest someone special gave it to you.


Duchess Meghan

Perhaps Prince Harry gifted the bracelet to Duchess Meghan during their Africa trip? He’s gifted her several pieces of jewellery during their time together, including an eternity ring following Archie's birth, so it would make sense that the new dad gave her this special piece too.

Their Botswana trip also happened months before they welcomed their baby son - so could the couple have been considering a family at this point already?

Prince Harry also designed Meghan’s engagement ring which features three diamonds, one from Botswana and two from Princess Diana’s personal collection - so it's fair to say that significant pieces of jewellery are one of the couples favourite ways to make big events in their lives.

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