Duchess Camilla’s very relatable obsession continues as she’s treated to a glimpse of 19th-century relic

The Duchess of Cornwall's latest engagement saw her visit the house of one of her favorite authors...

Duchess Camilla's relatable obsession for Pride and Prejudice as she's seen visiting Jane Austen’s House
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Duchess Camilla’s relatable obsession continued in her latest engagement as she was treated to a rare glimpse of a 19th-century relic.

The Duchess of Cornwall’s latest engagement was likely a dream come true for the future Queen Consort as she got to view a precious edition of one of the world’s best historical books. In recent months, Duchess Camilla has been more candid than ever about her reading habits, from revealing that she loves reading this book to her grandchildren to sharing a unique childhood insight about her childhood reading inspiration. 

Now, just weeks after describing Jane Austen’s iconic protagonist, Elizabeth Bennet, as a personal “heroine” of hers, Duchess Camilla’s relatable obsession with the world of Pride and Prejudice continued with a special royal visit…

Travelling to Hampshire, Duchess Camilla visited the home where Jane Austen lived and crafted the story of Elizabeth and Mr Darcy and even got to see the white shirt worn by Colin Firth in the famous adaptation. And the Pride and Prejudice excitement didn't stop there!

In a heart-warming new photo shared by the Clarence House official accounts, the Duchess of Cornwall appears in awe as she’s shown a rare first edition of the Jane Austen classic, which was originally published in 1813.

“The Duchess of Cornwall is shown a first edition of Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice during a visit to the @janeaustenshouse in Hampshire,” the caption declared. “It was in this cottage where Jane Austen wrote all of her six novels, and is now a museum, housing an unparalleled collection of Austen treasures.”

Lizzie Dunford (Director, Jane Austen’s House) shows Duchess Camilla the white shirt worn by Colin Firth in the BBC’s 1995 adaptation of Pride and Prejudice

(Image credit: Photo by Finnbarr Webster-Pool/Getty Images)

It continued, “As an avid reader, Her Royal Highness has a strong interest in promoting the importance of literacy and the benefits of reading, and is Patron of several literacy-related organisations.”

Fans were quick to express their own delight at seeing even a photo of a Pride and Prejudice first edition, with many praising Duchess Camilla’s championing of literacy and reading.

“What a treat to see a first edition”, one fan replied, sharing Duchess Camilla’s obvious excitement at the prospect of glimpsing this rare book. 

“Jane Austen is my favourite author. Wonderful to see the Duchess of Cornwall visiting her home. Would like to see the first Edition too..... 📚📚📚”, another commented.

Whilst something else admiringly replied, “Reading needs a champion. So glad it is the Duchess of Cornwall.”

Lizzie Dunford (Director, Jane Austen’s House) with Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall during a visit to Jane Austen’s House

(Image credit: Photo by Finnbarr Webster-Pool/Getty Images)

This unforgettable moment for the self-proclaimed “avid reader” came just days after Duchess Camilla’s dream dinner party guests were revealed, including none other than Elizabeth Bennet. Opening up all about reading during a virtual engagement, the Duchess intriguingly revealed, “Then I'd have a heroine of mine, Elizabeth Bennet. Just a good strong woman to keep the show on the road, so to speak." 

Her love of Pride and Prejudice likely made this special visit all the more special for Duchess Camilla, who set up her online Reading Room book club in 2021. 

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