Duchess Camilla shocked by Joe Biden’s impolite mistake that left her blushing

Duchess Camilla was shocked by Joe Biden when he made a surprising royal faux pas

Duchess Camilla was shocked by Joe Biden
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Duchess Camilla was shocked by Joe Biden's crude mistake at the COP26 climate change summit and reportedly hasn't stopped speaking about the incident since.

Although the Queen pulled out of the COP 26 climate change summit due to ongoing health concerns, The Duke and Duchess of Cornwall alongside Prince William and Kate Middleton, stepped in for the Queen.

However, rubbing shoulders with the most powerful people in the world wasn't entirely a pleasant experience for one member of the royal family. 

A royal source revealed to the Mail on Sunday that President Biden broke wind while he was engaging in polite small talk with the Duchess of Cornwall. This incident reportedly shocked the Duchess who was unable to ignore this loud faux pas.

An informed source said, "It was long and loud and impossible to ignore," as they added, "Camilla hasn't stopped talking about it."

Duchess Camilla

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Unfortunately for Biden, this wasn't the only faux pas of the COP26 Summit as the President was also snapped getting some shut eye during a talk.

While listening to a pre-recorded message from South African activist Eddie Ndopu, the President shut his eyes for around 20 seconds before an aide appeared at his side and seemed to wake him up.

After this the term coined by former President Donald Trump began trending on the internet as 'Sleepy Joe' memes resurfaced.  

At this event, Biden was also pictured chatting with Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, and her husband Prince William.

Prince William and Biden appeared to get along like a house on fire as the pair were photographed laughing and joking with Biden even placing his hand on the Prince's shoulder in a familiar way. 

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The recent rumors about the President's flatulence haven't been confirmed by the White House, but this isn't the first time there have been rumors about the President breaking wind.

In May 2020, many thought that Biden broke wind while live on a video chat with Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf. Even Donald Trump Jr posted the video on Twitter and shared this surprising incident with fans.

Although this suspicious noise was not confirmed to be a fart, another video also surfaced in 2021 which also seemed to show Biden breaking wind. This video quickly went viral and the term #Fartgate began to trend, however it was quickly discovered that this was a hoax to embarrass the President. 

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