Did you spot this surprising detail in Prince Charles and Camilla's home photo?

An official photo from the Royal family has given a glimpse into Prince Charles and Camilla’s private life

Duchess of Cornwall and Prince Charles
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The Royal family has released a selection of images of the Duchess of Cornwall and the Duchess of Cambridge helping out with the ‘Check-in and Chat' service. One image has revealed quite a bit about the private life of Prince Charles and Camilla.

• The Royal family have been pictured volunteering for 'Check-in and Chat'
• Fans were given a closer look at Camilla and Prince Charles home and many spotted an interesting detail
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The Royal family Twitter account has released a series of photos of members of the family volunteering. Camilla was pictured in her study on the phone as part of a promotion for the ‘Check-in and Chat’ service. 

The Tweet states, “Members of the Royal Family have also joined the ranks of @NHSVolResponder as ‘Check-in and Chat' volunteers. The Duchess of Cornwall befriended 86 year-old Doris via the scheme and The Duchess of Cambridge is in regular contact with 85-year-old Len.”

It was this tweet that triggered many fans to notice something surprising about the member of the royal family who is a lot more like us than we might have thought...

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Many eagle-eyed fans have noticed that this image of Camilla has revealed a lot about the Duchess of Cornwall and Prince Charles’ personal life. 

It seems that Camilla has also jumped on the online shopping trend this lockdown as fans could spot a large number of opened boxes behind the Duchess. It appears that the Duchess is somewhat messy and failed to tidy up her workspace and discard of her packaging before she was photographed for this project.

One fan commented on the post, “I like the opened boxes left in the corner. Lol.” It seems that being a royal doesn’t always mean you have to have everything together and when it comes to being messy, Camilla can be just like us! 

Also pictured in this image is Charles and Camilla's vast book collection. In the snap, Camilla is sitting in front of a large bookcase that is filled with books. Fans have spotted that the Prince and Duchess own copies of The Harry Potter Series and The Casual Vacancy by J K Rowling. They also own other books by Peter James, a book by Ali Smith, and The Mars Room by Rachel Kushner.

This mix of children's literature and more high-brow novels indicates that Camilla and Charles are both avid readers and have an eclectic taste when it comes to their book collection. This is also supported by Camilla's social media account that is dedicated to reading titled @duchessofcornwallsreadingroom.

Camilla also has various family photographs that are arranged behind her. Directly behind the Duchess, there seems to be a picture of a red squirrel with the caption, “Welcome to the Nut House,” which shows the royal’s fun sense of humour. 

This image of Camilla was taken at Birkhall on the Queen’s Balmoral Estate in Scotland. It is believed that the Duchess of Cornwall and Prince Charles have since returned to Clarence House in London. They previously spent much of their time in Lockdown at their country home, Highgrove House.

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