Charles and Camilla's 'lovely' birthday treat for 'incredible' 100-year-woman leaves royal fans in disbelief

King Charles III and Queen Camilla's gift for 100-year-old Ruth Park-Pearson has been met with an outpouring of stunned reactions

Charles and Camilla's birthday treat for 100-year-woman leaves royal fans in disbelief
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King Charles and Queen Camilla's card to a woman on her 100th birthday has caused quite the stir online, as royal fans grapple to discover the 'secret' behind the 'incredible' centenarian's younger appearance.

King Charles III and the Queen Consort's 'lovely' gesture to a woman on her 100th birthday has led to quite the discussion online, with many royal fans stunned by the war veteran's notably younger appearance. 

The monarch and his wife sent their first birthday cards to people celebrating their 100th and 105th birthdays across the UK this week, as part of a longstanding tradition that dates back to King George V's reign. The messages, which started off with telegrams, have historically contained a photo of the ruling King or Queen and a signed greeting from the ruling monarch. 

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Ruth Park-Pearson of North Yorkshire was one of the first to receive the special honor from the new King and Queen, after turning the big 100 on October 21. The Glasgow-born grandmother served in the Women's Royal Naval Service during World War II and now lives in North Yorkshire, where she celebrated the milestone occasion surrounded by her beloved relatives. 

Ruth didn't hold back her delight over her royal nod, admitting she was initially surprised to receive the exciting post. 

"I was like ‘my goodness me’," she said. "It's lovely because it’s got a lovely gold cord through it with a tassel on the end." 

In a photo shared by the Royal Family on its official Instagram, the centenarian can be seen holding a large card featuring a portrait of King Charles and Queen Camilla. Inside, the card reads, "My wife and I are so pleased to know that you celebrated your one-hundredth birthday on the 21st of October 2022. This brings our warmest congratulations and heartfelt good wishes on such a special occasion." 

It wasn't the snap of Charles and Camilla that had everyone talking though. Royal fans seemed completely distracted by Ruth's notably youthful appearance, with many desperate to find out how the 100-year-old achieved such smooth and glowing skin. 

"This lady does not look 100. Maybe 20 years younger. Wow! Secret please?" one person wrote. 

"I need to know which moisturizer this amazing woman uses!!!" another follower commented. 

It's understood that Ruth plans to display her treasured card on her cabinet, so that "everybody can see it." The special token will join the 100-year-old's sea of other birthday tributes, many of which came in the form of floral bouquets and sentimental cards. 

"I really had a wonderful birthday I have to say," she said. "So many wonderful presents and flowers, I could start a flower shop almost." 

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