Carole Middleton hints at sweet way George, Charlotte, and Louis will spend Halloween with her

Carole Middleton has hinted that she will be taking part in some sweet Halloween activities with her royal grandchildren

Carole Middleton has hinted
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Carole Middleton has hinted at how her grandchildren, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, will celebrate Halloween with their grandparents. 

The Princess of Wales' mother Carole Middleton runs her own business called Party Pieces. The brand creates decorations and unique party supplies that can be used at themed functions and festive events. 

In a post promoting the Halloween collection for Autumn, the founder revealed that she has some sweet plans for her royal grandchildren and other family members this Autumn. 

A post on Instagram had the caption, "Carole says 'Halloween is an Autumn highlight for me. I can still remember the fun and frights from my own childhood; the chance to dress up, decorate pumpkins and go trick-or-treating! I’ve even grown my own pumpkins this year, so I’m looking forward to decorating those with my loved ones.'"

Several other posts on the Instagram social media page showed off some of the Halloween items that the Middletons are promoting, suggesting that all six of the Middleton grandchildren are in for a real treat this Halloween.

Catherine's younger sister Pippa and her husband James Matthews are the parents to Arthur, Grace, and Rose. Carole's only son, James Middleton, and his wife Alizée Thevenet have been married since 2021 and do not presently have any children.

Previously, Carole has used this social media page to talk about her family and her connections with her grandchildren, particularly around festive periods. Carole revealed the unusual way she includes her grandkids in a popular Christmas tradition and explained that she lets the children decorate one tree, and has another tree that is ornately decorated by herself.

"Once again this year we plan to have two Christmas trees: one for the children to decorate and one which I do myself," said Carole on Instagram as she shared an image of an ornate tree. 

It seems that the party planner knows how to let kids have fun, while also ensuring the decorations are worthy of a professional party piece purveyor! 

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