Carole Middleton reveals the unusual way she includes her grandkids in this popular Christmas tradition

Carole Middleton doesn't hold back when it comes to Christmas

Carole Middleton's unusual Christmas tradition revealed
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With the festive season finally upon us, Carole Middleton has revealed the sweet way she includes her grandchildren in the Christmas tree tradition.  

  • Carole Middleton has revealed how she includes the family's children in the Christmas tree decorating fun in an exciting update. 
  • The Duchess of Cambridge's mother, who owns a party supplies business, has a fairly unorthodox way of ensuring everyone is involved in the festive tradition. 
  • In other royal news, the Queen's powers in government as Head of State—what exactly can she do?

If there's one woman who knows how to rival the Queen's Christmas tree, it's Carole Middleton. A self-confessed lover of the merry season, the mother of Kate Middleton has shared her unorthodox twist on the festive custom once December rolls around. 

Carole will continue her tradition of erecting not one but two trees at her Berkshire mansion this year, in order to give both herself and the younger Middletons an equal opportunity to decorate. The 66-year-old first announced her habit of buying multiple firs in 2018, telling the Telegraph that she prefers to designate one tree for the grandkids to adorn. 

"Once again this year we plan to have two Christmas trees: one for the children to decorate and one which I do myself," the crafty grandma revealed on the Instagram page of her party supplies business, Party Pieces. 

Carole also announced that she'd swapped out her tired angel topper for a sparkling new star, after realizing the doll-like ornament might not survive another season at altitude. 

"My beloved tree-top angel is looking a little worse for wear after years of service so it’s time to invest in something new," she said. "This Light Up Gold Star will bring an extra twinkle to proceedings." 

The exciting update comes just a few weeks after Carole Middleton shared how she’ll be making Christmas ‘magic’ for her family this year

For the event-planning enthusiast, it's never too early to get on top of the festive preparations. 

"I start planning Christmas soon after Hallowe’en. I’m a big list-maker and I try to get everyone involved," she told the Telegraph in 2018. 

Carole Middleton departs after attending the Sunday service at St Mary Magdalene Church, Sandringham on January 10, 2016

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Unsurprisingly, the massively successful entrepreneur loves receiving ornaments as gifts, especially when they're given by a loved one. "A few years ago, a girlfriend gave me a tree decoration. Every time I get it out, I think of her," she said. 

As has been the case in previous years, Carole and her husband, Mike, will be staying at their family home of Bucklebury Manor this Christmas. 

While Kate, unfortunately, won't be able to join (the Queen's celebrations at Sandringham House take precedence), her siblings, Pippa and James, are expected to be present for the special occasion. The millionaire couple usually hosts a lavish banquet for their guests, complete with must-have mulled wine, mince pies, and champagne. 

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