Queen told Prince William not to kiss in public, as she set heir strict set of royal rules

Prince William was not allowed to smoke, drink excessively or even kiss in public during his time at university

Prince William
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The Queen gave Prince William a strict set of rules to follow at university, and we’re pretty sure we’d have broken them in the first week. 


The future King of England was heavily restricted during his studies at St. Andrew’s College, according to The List's 'Tragic truth about Prince William.' 

The Queen reportedly told her grandson that he could not smoke, drink excessively or even kiss in public whilst at university between 2001 and 2005. 

The Prince, who had already challenged royal tradition by choosing St. Andrew’s College in Scotland over Oxford or Cambridge, was advised to keep a low-profile on campus to fend off media attention. He was warned against discussing his family with others and followed by personal security. Students and staff were even told that they would face disciplinary action if they leaked information about Prince William to the press. 

Prince William at St. Andrew's College

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The Prince took the Queen’s rules seriously, avoiding large parties and unnecessary displays of affection. He even was referred to as ‘Steve’ to friends and lecturers, which further helped maintain a discreet presence on campus. 

Prince William’s obedience to Her Majesty was not exactly mirrored by his brother, Prince Harry. Despite the Queen’s expectations, the Duke of Sussex was known to rebel during his late teens. He was regularly spotted drinking alcohol, partying and emerging from nightclubs with young women. He has since apologised for his behaviour and admitted to ‘letting the family down.’ 

Now that both William and Harry are married with children though, we’re sure the Queen is a little more relaxed on some of those rules. 

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