Kate Middleton protects her family from the paparazzi with this clever trick

Kate Middleton keeps the paparazzi away with this genius camera trick

Kate Middleton
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Kate Middleton’s trick to protect her family from the paparazzi during birthdays and other royal events has been revealed and it’s a lot simpler than you might think. 

The Duchess of Cambridge, who will celebrate her 39th birthday tomorrow in lockdown, has come up with a brilliant idea to fend off unwelcome press on special occasions. Rather than shun cameras altogether, Kate has become her own photographer for her family. 

The Duchess invites the public into her personal life on her terms, by releasing approved photos to the media on birthdays and anniversaries. This trick promises the best of both worlds, allowing fans a glimpse into the royals’ lives without invading their privacy.

According to royal expert Camilla Tominey, Kate was inspired to take her own photos by Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden. 

The Scandinavian heiress has been known to tightly control her public image by posting her own pictures and updates on her numerous social media accounts. She reportedly became distrustful of the tabloid press as a teenager, after they published information about her struggles with anorexia nervosa. 

Tominey credits Princess Victoria for radically changing the relationship between the royal family and the press. She argues that the release of these candid photographs have ‘killed, stone dead, the market for paparazzi shots’ and empowered the royals to heavily curate their public image. 

This strategy also benefits media outlets, granting them a steady supply of high-resolution images and videos. 

“Why would any newspapers or magazines run grainy long-lens images of the royals in private when they are willing to serve up crystal-clear Instagram shots?” Tominey wrote in the Telegraph last year. 

While tomorrow’s party is likely to be a private affair due to the current restrictions, Kate has spent many birthdays in the spotlight. She was swarmed by paparazzi on her 25th birthday, as they desperately tried to get a shot of their future Queen as she exited her home. 

Some reportedly chased her car as she drove away, while others flashed their cameras at her through the vehicle's windows. The incident attracted widespread criticism, with many accusing the press of violating the Duchess-to-be’s privacy and causing safety hazards. 

We’re just glad Kate now has more control over her image, and we’re more than excited to see what this budding photographer will capture in 2021. 

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