You won't believe Kate Beckinsale's dramatic new look

Bet it's not what you're thinking

Kate Beckinsale
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Celebrities can't help but reach for the best hair dryers on the market when they want to capture photo-worthy locks and 'dos. And lately, our feeds are overflowing with big hair energy. Kate Beckinsale is one of the latest actresses to hop aboard the trend.

The starlet took time to debut a completely new look on Instagram: light, tousled beach waves—blonde beach waves—that look sun-kissed and ready for summer. Kate, is that you? We almost didn't recognize you. 

Fear not: the brunette's signature style is still intact. This is just a glimpse of the actress in a wig on the set of her upcoming role in Guilty Party, according to People. Either way, we're smitten with all of her trendy ideas, wig or not. 

If you ask us, Kate might really be onto something with her hairdos. Have a gander at some of the funny lady's other go-to looks on social media that kept us entertained.

Channeling Princess Leia 

Curling with cat

Going red

Sending out Hagrid vibes (or so she says)

And, of course, flaunting her iconic brown waves

Meanwhile, Salma Hayek is wowing us with curls of her own. 

"My #hair channeling a Latina-Arab #farrahfawcett. Mi #cabello canalizando una latina-Arabe Farra. #latina #arab," she wrote on Instagram.  

No curls? No problem! The blunt bob is another popular trend making the rounds online. (Think Rosamond Pike as Marla Grayson). It's chic, it's mature, and it screams confidence. It might take some effort on your part, but we'll help you style a bob to perfection.

Then there are those celebs who would rather make a statement with their beauty routine rather than their hair. Take, for example, Eva Mendes, who allowed her daughters to test out their makeup skills on her face. We particularly love the overly generous blush usage and a dash of blue on her chin. 

Don't forget to have a look at our favorite inspirational hairstyles if you're thinking about your own new look.

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