Will there be a Wolf season 2 after the horrifying revelation at the end of the BBC drama’s finale?

Here's why I believe there could be a Wolf season 2 after the drama's intense ending and the big questions that would need to be answered

Will there be a Wolf season 2? Seen here is Ukweli Roach as Jack Caffrey in Wolf season 1
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Wolf season 2 might be at the forefront of fans’ minds after watching the disturbing BBC drama and I can’t help feeling an announcement could be coming.

Blending horror with classic thriller and humorous elements, Wolf quickly grabs your attention with its unique genre mix. The performance of Annika’s Ukweli Roach as Detective Inspector Jack Caffery in particular stood out to me as he managed an intense investigation whilst being haunted by the past. The police officer’s brother Ewan’s disappearance in the 1990s is something he can’t forgive himself for. And anyone who’s watched all of Wolf on BBC iPlayer ahead of it airing might be left anxiously wondering if Caffery’s story will be taken further in a season 2.

Here I reveal why I suspect there’ll be a Wolf season 2 after the chilling final moments of the finale and the huge questions that I’m hoping it will answer…

*Warning: Spoilers and sensitive storylines explained ahead*

DI Jack Caffrey (UKWELI ROACH)

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Will there be a Wolf season 2?

For those who’ve already raced through on BBC iPlayer to the Wolf ending, the final few minutes of the unnerving BBC drama likely got you asking one major question - will there be a Wolf season 2? At the moment, no sequel to Wolf has been confirmed, but I can’t help suspecting that there could definitely be one announced at some point. As Wolf hasn’t finished airing on TV it would make sense that no Wolf season 2 has been confirmed yet. But the thriller is based on a Mo Hayder book in a wider series, just like Virgin River and Outlander are.

Mo Hayder’s Wolf was published in 2014 and served as the inspiration for the Megan Gallagher creation. However, it’s the final Jack Caffery book series, meaning that it’s hard to turn to the books for clues about what could lie ahead if Wolf season 2 is announced. But this doesn’t mean there won’t be one as the chronology could be mixed up and worked around Wolf’s remaining plot-threads. Megan could also write something entirely new using characters we came to know in season 1. 

This isn’t the only reason I believe there could be a Wolf season 2, though. The main factors for me are down to the Wolf ending which was already intense and disturbing enough as it wrapped up one of the storylines before it got to the closing stages. 

We saw Caffery return to his childhood home - the place his brother Ewan disappeared from all those years ago - and begin to destroy the tree house where he and Ewan had argued that fateful day.

Walking Man (TIM TRELOAR) & Jack Caffrey (UKWELI ROACH)

(Image credit: BBC/Hartswood Films Ltd/Simon Ridgway)

Whilst an emotional Caffery set fire to the tree house remains, fans saw a horrifying conversation taking place down at the police station. One officer talks to another about finding a fingerprint on a robot toy that was matched to Ewan. It was then that the appalled officer explained that the toy wasn’t even manufactured until 2004, despite Ewan going missing in the 1990s. 

“That means that Jack’s brother wasn’t killed in 1998,” he said. “That would mean he was alive until at least 2004.” Ultimately, it’s this which makes me believe most that there will be a Wolf season 2 and which raises the most questions that many people would want answered in it.

My big questions for Wolf season 2

Where is Jack Caffery’s brother Ewan and is he dead?

Caffery’s older brother's death hasn’t been officially confirmed as he’s never been found after going missing in the 1990s. The DI definitely believes his old neighbour Ivan Penderecki abducted and killed Ewan, but he has no proof. Penderecki had been taunting him, putting children’s toys on the lawn and Caffery has a memory of seeing him in his home that night, but as an eight-year-old at the time, wasn’t sure if what he saw was real or not.

Jack Caffrey (UKWELI ROACH)

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Ever since then, Caffery’s been wracked with guilt, believing he should’ve told someone what he saw. Given the final line of the Wolf season 1 ending, it seems Ewan was alive for six years after going missing. This could mean potentially that he’s still alive, even though we are led to perceive this as being unlikely in Wolf. If he is dead like Caffery thinks, then Wolf season 2 would surely have to reveal what happened to Ewan after he was abducted until at least 2004 and see him find out more about when and how his brother died.

Where is Ewan Caffery?

Whether Ewan Caffery is alive or dead, his brother - and us viewers at home - still don’t know where he is now. I think that for both the detective and fans to feel that he’s achieved some form of justice for Ewan, Caffery would have to find either his brother alive or his body so he can be laid to rest. But to find him, I think there would definitely have to be more evidence to follow or a surprising twist to give Caffery more to go on. It's also unlikely that the detective would ever give up trying to find evidence against Penderecki when he's convinced he murdered Ewan.

Jack Caffrey (UKWELI ROACH)

(Image credit: BBC/Hartswood Films Ltd/Simon Ridgway)

Was Ivan Penderecki definitely responsible?

Caffery is sure Penderecki is behind whatever happened to Ewan. But, once again, for fans to feel truly satisfied that justice has been done, the neighbour would have to be proved guilty for once and for all. It’s also potentially possible that he could’ve had help to abduct Ewan too which would then provide more for Caffery to investigate and uncover in any potential Wolf season 2.

How to watch the BBC’s Wolf

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Jack Caffrey (UKWELI ROACH)

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