Will there be a Peaky Blinders movie after Season 6? Everything we know so far...

With the finale of Season 6 now a distant memory, Peaky Blinders fans are desperate for an update on its highly-anticipated film

Peaky Blinders final episode features Cillian Murphy
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Ever since Peaky Blinders arrived on Netflix, fans of the show have been desperate to know when the BBC crime show's movie will hit cinemas. 

Creator Steven Knight confirmed last year that a stand-alone film adaptation of the 1920s period drama had been greenlit, much to the delight of its devout fanbase. If you already know what happened in Peaky Blinders' final episode in Season 6, you're probably hungry for details on when you'll see the Shelby family on the screen again - and don't worry, so are we. 

Here's everything you need to know about the Peaky Blinders movie, including its speculated release date and potential cast members.  

Will there be a Peaky Blinders movie? 

Rumors about the possibility of a Peaky Blinders movie had been whirling for quite some time when, alas, in October 2021, it was confirmed that there would be a film adaptation of the popular British crime drama. Its creator, Steven Knight, revealed in an exclusive interview with Variety that a feature film is due to go into production in 2023 after its sixth and final season has wrapped, much to the excitement of its loyal viewers.  

As for the Peaky Blinders' movie plotline, it looks like details are being kept hush-hush until further notice. 

Speaking to Empire, Knight said, "We enter the Second World War and by the end of it, there is no empire, really. But I… have revised the scope of what it is. It will now go into and beyond the Second World War. Because I just think the energy that is out there in the world for this, I want to keep it going, and I want to see how this can progress beyond that.” 

Peaky Blinders starring Cillian Murphy and Paul Anderson

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When will the Peaky Blinders movie come out?  

A release date for the Peaky Blinders movie has yet to be confirmed, but with production yet to commence, and films typically taking several months to make, fans will likely be waiting until 2024 to see their favorite Birmingham gang on the big screen. 

Who will be in the cast of the Peaky Blinders movie?

The full cast of the Peaky Blinders movie has yet to be announced, but it looks like one star will be making a return for the highly-anticipated film. 

Steven Knight has confirmed that Cillian Murphy, who plays the show's protagonist, Tommy Shelby, will reprise his role for the cinematic production, giving Digital Spy a hard 'yes' when asked if the ex-British soldier would be back after Season 6. He also said that his older brother, Arthur Shelby, played by Paul Anderson, would return for the movie. The fate of the series' other main actors, including Sophie Rundle, Finn Cole, Natasha O'Keefe, and Harry Kirton, remains to be seen. 

If that wasn't enough to pique your interest, Knight has also teased the possibility of new talent joining the cast, revealing he's already in conversation with "many great actors" and promising to continue "surprising" viewers with fresh actors.  

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