Why was Harry Styles’ Grammy acceptance speech bleeped?

Harry Styles won a Grammy on Sunday but why was his speech bleeped?

Harry Styles at the Grammy Awards
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On Sunday night Harry Styles won a Grammy Award for Best Pop Solo Performance for his song Watermelon Sugar. But why was his acceptance speech bleeped?

Harry Styles had tough competition on Sunday night as he was nominated for Best Pop Solo Performance against, Say So by Doja Cat, Yummy by Justin Bieber, Everything I Wanted by Billie Eilish, Don’t Start now by Dua Lipa and Cardigan by Taylor Swift. 

Much to fans' delight, Styles managed to snag the award with his song Watermelon Sugar. Bizarrely his acceptance speech was bleeped in one part and many fans are questioning which bad word Mr. Styles dropped during his acceptance speech. One fan asked Twitter, “What exactly did Harry Styles say that had to be bleeped?.... somebody tell me.”

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Although many people have speculated, we have the answer! Harry Styles very casually said the F-word during his acceptance speech as he stated “All these songs are fucking massive.” 

In the speech, Harry revealed that Watermelon Sugar was the first song written for his album ‘Fine Line.’ “Wow, Um, to everyone that made this record with me, thank you so much. This was the first song we wrote after my first album came out during a day off in Nashville,” he said.

He went on to thank his manager for allowing him to develop at his own pace, “I wanna say thanks to Tom, Tyler and Mitch, and everyone. Rob Stringer and everyone at Colombia, my manager Jeffrey who has always nudged me to be better and never pushed me, thank you so much.”

He then went on to thank the other nominees and dropped the F-bomb. “I feel very grateful to be here, all these songs are fucking massive so thank you so much. I feel very honoured to be among all of you so thank you so much, thank you,” he said.

Obviously, the network was not too keen on Harry’s flowery vocabulary so they decided to spare the public’s ears by cutting out the sound to his speech. But don’t fret! If you fancy hearing Harry swear, we have just the clip you are looking for. 

Harry also performed his award-winning song, Watermelon Sugar at the Grammy Awards in an all-leather ensemble accessorised with a green feather boa type scarf.

Fans went wild for this performance and his look. One fan said, "HARRY IN LEATHER AND A BOA OPENING THE GRAMMYS SINGING WATERMELON SUGAR. OMFG." Another took to twitter to exclaim, "I had 99 problems but harry styles grammy’s performance fixed all of them."

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