When is Outlander season 7 episode 8 out, and what's going to happen to Jemmy and Jamie?

Here's everything you need to know about Outlander season 7 episode 8

Outlander season 7 episode 8
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Much to the dismay of fans, there wasn't an episode of Outlander last week - and fans are desperate to know when this droughtlander is set to end and when we will be able to watch season 7 episode 8!

The past seven episodes of Outlander have delighted fans over the past few weeks and fans have become accustomed to enjoying new episodes of Fraser and MacKenzie drama every week. For this reason, many were gobsmacked when they realised they wouldn't be treated to a new episode on Friday, August 4. So when can we expect the Outlander season 7 episode 8? Here's what we know so far...

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When will Outlander return?

To build anticipation for the mid-season finale, Starz decided to delay the final episode of season seven part one by a week. This means that instead of airing on August 4, season seven episode eight will air on August 11.

The mid-season finale will premiere on August 11 at midnight ET on the STARZ app, all STARZ streaming and on-demand platforms and internationally on the LIONSGATE+ premium streaming platform in the UK. On linear, it will debut on STARZ Friday, August 11 at 8:00 pm ET/PT in the US and Canada.

What will season 7 episode 8 be about?

In the last episode, Jemmy was kidnapped by Rob Cameron and the signs are pointing to the fact that he may have taken him back into the past.

 Jemmy's disappearance was discovered when Mandy woke up and said that she could no longer feel her telepathic connection with her brother. Roger and Bree then called Rob Cameron's sister and discovered she had no idea what cinema trip they were talking about - and in fact, the play date they thought Jemmy was attending was a complete farce. 

In search of Jemmy, Roger and Buck travel to the stones at Craigh Na Dun only to Jemmy's scarf with his tufty club badge - suggesting he has travelled through the stones to the past with Rob Cameron. 

The trailer for the next episode - the mid-season finale - shows Roger getting into old-timey gear and preparing to travel through the stones and into the past to retrieve his son.


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Back in the past, Jamie Fraser and his biological son William Ransom fought on opposite sides of the battlefield and both had near misses. The episode ended with a camera angle showing Jamie Fraser unconscious on the battleground floor, and William Ransom completely shaken by his first experience of real bloodshed and war. This led some to question if this was the end for Jamie - but seeing as there is still another season and half of the show left to air - we think he might just pull through! Especially seeing as in the new trailer we see Claire finding Jamie on the battlefield - and most likely getting him back to fighting fit with her 20th-century healing skills!

In another more minor plot point of the last episode, William also admitted he had feelings for Rachel Hunter, who many will remember Ian has taken quite a fancy to. This could prove to be a point of contention for the two young lands who may well butt heads over this new character - particularly seeing as Ian and Rachel seemed to be leaning in for a kiss in the episode 8 trailer!

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