Why is Good Morning Britain, Lorraine, This Morning, and Loose Women cancelled?

Here's a rundown of the daytime TV shows that have been cancelled or rescheduled for an important reason...

Good Morning Britain
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ITV will face a number of disruptions in its daytime television schedule as the Women's World Cup is set to conflict with key shows such as Good Morning Britain, Lorraine, This Morning and Loose Women.

Over the past few days, there has been a lot of confusion for daytime television fans who have been confused as to why some of their favourite ITV shows have been cancelled. So why have so many of these shows been cancelled over the past few days and will these cancellations continue over the next few weeks?

Why have Good Morning Britain, Lorraine, This Morning and Loose Women been cancelled?

So why have these shows been cancelled? It's all because of the Women's World Cup tournament that is currently taking place in several stadiums in Australia and New Zealand.

Of course, when the World Cup takes place in Europe, the matches tend to coincide more with UK viewing times in the afternoon and evening, but as the tournament is taking place on the other side of the world, UK viewers are going to have to get up pretty early to catch some of these games!

As the BBC and ITV are sharing the broadcasting rights of the tournament, some of the best British daytime TV shows on ITV and BBC are going to be delayed, cancelled, or shortened so that viewers can watch the world cup matches. While a lot of daytime TV fans aren't pleased, this won't be going on for too long, here's what we know so far about the disruptions via The Independent.

Loose Women

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Which ITV shows will be disrupted by the Women's World Cup?

Thursday 20 July

11am: Australia vs Republic of Ireland

Cancelled shows: This MorningLoose Women

Friday 21 July

6am: Philippines vs Switzerland

Cancelled shows: Good Morning Britain

Monday 24 July

7am: Italy vs Argentina

9.30am: Germany vs Morocco

12pm: Brazil vs Panama

Cancelled shows: Good Morning BritainLorraineThis MorningLoose Women

Tuesday 25 July

6.30am: New Zealand vs Philippines

9am: Switzerland vs Norway

Cancelled shows: Good Morning Britain, Lorraine

Wednesday 26 July

6am: Japan vs Costa Rica

1pm: Canada v Republic of Ireland

Cancelled shows: Good Morning Britain, Loose Women

Thursday 27 July

8.30am: Portugal vs Vietnam

Cancelled shows: Lorraine

Friday 28 July

1.30pm: Panama v Jamaica

Cancelled shows: Loose Women

Monday 31 July

8am: Japan v Spain

8am: Costa Rica v Zambia

Cancelled shows (likely): Lorraine

Tuesday 1 August

8am: Vietnam vs Netherlands

8am: Portugal vs USA

Cancelled shows (likely): Lorraine

Wednesday 2 August

11am: Jamaica vs Brazil

11am: Panama vs France

Cancelled shows (likely): This Morning

As the tournament continues it will become clear which teams will be playing and when, and which other ITV shows will be cancelled as the tournament progresses. 

When does the Women's World Cup end?

The Women's World Cup final takes place a month after the tournament started. The tournament began on July 20, which means the final is set to take place on August 20 in Sydney at the Accor Stadium. 

At present it is still unclear who will be playing in this final match, but it is sure to be a huge celebration as the tournament comes to an end on a Sunday.

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