Who is in the cast of Social Currency, Netflix's newest social experiment?

Could you survive without technology? These eight influencers will try

social currency
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Netflix's newest social experiment TV show is poised to be an entertaining one - here's who is participating in the technology-free challenge.

It would be a blanket statement to say that we all rely on our phones too much, and most people likely feel as though they wish they could be on their phones less. Some people, however, have to be on their phones quite often for their careers - namely, influencers and content creators. 

Influencers are a dime a dozen nowadays, with some social media creators making upwards of millions of dollars every year just from their social media presence. This begs the question - what would happen to an influencer if you took them away from their phone? Would they be able to withstand the heat of reality?

Netflix capitalized on this idea, turning it into a new show called Social Currency, on which eight influencers from India have to live together technology-free to see if they can create influence in the world outside of their social media presence.

This show, which originally aired on Netflix India, became available to stream in any country on June 22, so you can cash in on all of the chaos for yourself. 

The most crucial part of the series, of course, is the cast - eight influencers from India, including Ruhi Singh, Parth Samthaan, Mridul Madhok, and more. Keep reading to find out more about each member of the cast of Social Currency. 

Who's in the cast of 'Social Currency'?

The most important portion of dissecting influencer culture is, obviously, finding influencers who are willing to take on the challenge that this show presents - aka, locking your phone away for weeks and attempting to navigate life without their privilege and following as an influencer cushioning them.

Read more about the members here.

  • Ruhi Singh - an Indian actress and social media influencer with over 2 million followers on her Instagram.  
  • Bhavin Bhanushali - Bhavin identifies himself as an "actor, singer, lyricist, composer and entrepreneur," according to his Instagram bio. He has almost 5 million followers on his Instagram alone. 
  • Mridul Madhok - Mridul has over 2 million followers on his Instagram, and is a world traveler, sharing stories with his audience about his travels.
  • Akash Mehta - a multi-hyphenate entrepreneur with almost 300,000 followers on his Instagram. Most notably, he is a comedian and the co-founder of the haircare brand Fable and Mane. 
  • Sakshi Chopra - Sakshi is singer/ songwriter with a free spirit, amassing just over 550,000 followers on her Instagram.
  • Vagmita Signh - Vagmita is a screenwriter and influencer, and has just about 420,000 followers on her Instagram
  • Parth Samthaan - Parth has 4 million followers on his Instagram, and although he claims to be an actor, he mostly just influences with his social media content.
  • Rowhi Rai - according to Rowhi on the show, she'll be "your favorite," and said from the beginning that she is only on Social Currency to have fun. She has almost 450,000 on her Instagram
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