Who dies in The White Lotus season 1? A whirlwind recap of the stunning first season

The White Lotus season 2 has just been released, but for those looking for a recap on the previous season, here's what you need to know...

Who dies in The White Lotus season 1
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The White Lotus Season 1 was released in 2021 with fans quickly becoming obsessed with the hotel-based dark comedy drama.

As season 2 of the epic show premiered on October 30 much to the delight of fans, many are wondering how season 1 ended and who died? 

There's a whole new setting and cast for season 2 but Jennifer Coolidge's amazing character has returned for the new season. Before you get started, here's a recap of season 1 and a reminder of the character that died.

The White Lotus season 2

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Who dies in The White Lotus Season 1?

The first season of The White Lotus began with a body being loaded onto a plane and then flicked back seven days to show guests arriving at the Hawaii beach resort. This immediately told viewers that someone in the hotel was going to die. But who would be the victim?

Towards the end of the season, it was revealed that Shane killed Armond after stabbing him with a knife. The incident was an accident as Armond had broken into Shane's room in order to defecate in his suitcase, and when Shane entered and sensed an intruder, he defended himself with a knife. The two men rounded a corner at the same time, which led to the knife plunging into Armond's chest. 

Armond decided to break into Shane's room because he had complained about the hotel which led to Armond losing his job. He then broke his sobriety with a drugs and booze binge which led to him taking revenge on Shane. 

The White Lotus Season 1 recap

At the end of The White Lotus, the Mossbachers were once again a happy family as the parents were once again stable in their relationship. Their son also became less addicted to technology as he decided to stay in Hawaii with his new canoeing friends. 

Tanya McQuoid has returned for the second season. The last season saw her giving Belinda money after they became 'friends' during Tanya's hotel stay, but essentially ditching their business plan. She also grieved her mother and spread her ashes in the sea, then found comfort in the arms of Greg. The season ended with Tanya and Greg deciding to give their relationship a go and begin dating. 

At the end of the season, Rachel and Shane Patton also reconcile and leave Hawaii together as a married couple. 

The White Lotus season 2 has now been released and is available to watch on HBO and HBO Max. The series takes place at The White Lotus chain, but in Sicily instead of Hawaii. The new season is seven episodes long and currently, only the first episode has been released.

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