Where is Ginny & Georgia filmed and is Wellsbury real? Locations explored

Ginny & Georgia has Netflix fans desperately wanting to visit Wellsbury, but is it even a real place?

Ginny & Georgia's filming locations revealed
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Sometimes the location of a TV series can be like a character in itself.

Would Sex and the City/And Just Like That feel the same if they weren’t in the living, beating heart of New York City?

Would Gilmore Girls be the ultimate comfort show without the quirky, cosiness of Stars Hollow?

And would Ginny & Georgia – Netflix’s latest hit which just released a successful season two – be as lovable without the charms (and challenges) of Wellsbury?

Obviously the setting matters. But just where is Ginny & Georgia filmed and can you visit Wellsbury? 

Is Wellsbury a real place and can you visit?

Alas, Ginny & Georgia fans, before you decide to pack up the car for a road trip, Wellsbury is not a real place.

The town is a fictional addition to Massachusetts for the purposes of the show.

Massachusetts is still a real place, of course. The characters in Ginny & Georgia do make references to Wellsbury’s location in the state and how it isn’t too far away from the likes of Lexington and Boston.

There are many locations you can visit from Ginny & Georgia

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Where was Ginny & Georgia filmed?

While set in a (fictional) town in Massachusetts, the series didn’t film in the state. Nor did it film in the United States at all.

Ginny & Georgia was filmed across Toronto and Cobourg in the province of Ontario, Canada.

In August 2019, the town of Cobourg’s Twitter account proudly shared some photos of the filming taking place, writing, "COMMUNITY: We are still Cobourg, Canada! Just a fun reminder that @NetflixCanada2 is in town filming Ginny & Georgia. They are touching up some of our Downtown Cobourg storefronts too!”

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Where is Ginny and Georgia’s house in real life?

Their gorgeous 1928 Colonial Revival home is a real life residence.  The house is located at 46 Baby Point Crescent in the Parkdale-High Park district in York, Toronto.

This is a private residence, off-market, and not for sale. If you visit, please be mindful that people do live there.

Ginny & Georgia's house is a real home in Toronto

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Where is Marcus and Ellen’s home?

Their friends and neighbors, Marcus and Ellen’s real home is just across the street at 45 Baby Point Crescent.

It’s a two-and-a-half-story English cottage, built in 1923 in the Tudor Revival style.

Other Ginny & Georgia filming locations

The Town Hall is actually Victoria Hall, in Cobourg. This is a concert hall built in 1856 which now hosts an art gallery and an old courtroom now used as the Council chamber.

Wellsbury High School is actually the disused Nelson A. Boylen Collegiate Institute in Rustic, Toronto.

The show’s iconic Blue Farm Café owned by local farmer Joe (played by Raymond Ablack) is a real-life working restaurant. If you visit in real life, don’t expect the same sort of dishes. It’s actually the El Camino, aka The El, located at 74 King Street West in Cobourg.

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