Ginny & Georgia season 2 ending explained as we untangle all those major plot twists

Following the finale of Ginny & Georgia season 2, viewers want to untangle the crazy twists that were revealed in the explosive series

Ginny & Georgia season 2 ending explained
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Ginny & Georgia season 2 was released on January 5, and for fans who have already binge-watched the series, some want to understand the complicated ending.

The latest season of Ginny & Georgia was released on Thursday, January 5, 2023, and fans are loving the latest installment of the Netflix show. However, some are a little bit confused about the ending of the season and where this leaves some of the characters. Here is everything you need to know...

**Warning! There are spoilers ahead for season two of this explosive show!**

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Why did Georgia kill Tom Fuller?

Episode nine of the second season is titled 'Kill Gil' and focuses on Georgia's past relationship with Austin's father Gil and a shocking twist murder.

In the episode, Georgia visits Cynthia and Zach to pick up Austin and finds Cynthia crying because of Tom's declining health as his coma persists. Later, Cynthia rescues Georgia from a violent interaction with Gil, by inviting Austin over for another playdate. When Georgia pops by later that evening the pair share a drink and Cynthia confesses, 'I slept with someone, I cheated on my dying husband' and reveals it was Joe, whose arms she found comfort in. 

Cynthia admits that she is struggling and feeling guilty about Tom's slow deterioration. She says she was told he would have passed by Christmas, but now it is February and he is still holding on. In a shocking twist, as an act of mercy, Georgia takes matters into her own hands and suffocates Tom with a pillow.

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What happens to Gil?

At the end of episode nine, Gil attacks Georgia after finding out that he lost his apartment (thanks to her discussion with Cynthia) Georgia grabs a knife but Gil aggressively knocks it out of her hand. Austin grabs a gun and shoots his father in the arm, Georgia takes control and holds Gil at gunpoint until he calms down. 

In order to protect Austin, Georgia doesn't call the police and instructs her children to grab a sewing kit and bleach so she can clean up the scene, and cover the bullet hole before Paul gets home. Gil has his wound stitched up and leaves before Paul arrives home.

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Does Paul learn the truth about Georgia?

In the season finale, Georgia confessed to Paul that she isn't as innocent as he thought and in fact, she is the reason that Gil went to prison, as she framed him for embezzlement as he was an 'abusive a**hole.' She told him that she stole from work and although she gave it all back, she said she has 'been a hustler and a criminal' her whole life. She omitted the murders she has previously committed but told him that she previously lost custody of Ginny, was once in prison, and is being blackmailed by Gil.

Paul confronts Gil in front of a lawyer, a police officer, and Georgia and tells him he will not be getting a penny of his money and he will never be able to control Georgia or get custody of Austin. Paul then tells Georgia that although he is still angry with her, he loves her and can't imagine his life without her. 

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Does Georgia go to jail?

Cordova reveals his identity to Nick and reveals that his name is Gabriel, not Jesse, and he is in fact not a teacher, but a Private Investigator looking into Georgia. He tells Nick that Georgia is not what she seems, but Nick ignores him and leaves to attend the wedding.

Georgia finally marries Paul, but at their wedding reception in a final twist, she is arrested for the murder of Tom Fuller. Georgia is arrested by police after Cordova called in a tip that she murdered Tom, after hearing from Nick that Georgia was the person with Tom when he died.

The series ends on a cliffhanger as Georgia is taken away in a police car as her children and guests at her wedding watch on in shock and confusion.

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