Ginny & Georgia season 1 Recap: Who did Georgia kill and why did Ginny run away?

Everything you need to know about Ginny & Georgia season 1 before diving head first into the second installment of the Netflix comedy-drama

Ginny & Georgia season 1 recap
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Here is a swift Ginny & Georgia season 1 recap for those of you who are ready to dive into the second season which was released on January 5.

On January 5, 2023, Ginny & Georgia season 2 was released on Netflix. Fans are delighted that the latest instalment of this fantastic show is finally back on their screens and all 10 episodes are ready to binge on Netflix - but there is one small problem. The first season of this show was released in February 2021, almost two years ago, and some of us are scratching our heads wondering 

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Ginny & Georgia season 1 recap

Season 1 of Ginny & Georgia kicked off with Georgia relocating her two children to Massachusetts following the death of her husband Kenny.

Quickly Ginny makes friends with a group of girls at school who label themselves 'MANG,' short for Maxine, Abby, Norah, and Ginny. Ginny quickly finds herself in a love triangle as begins dating Hunter Chen and sleeps with Maxine's twin brother Marcus. Her on and off again relationship with Marcus is a key plot of the first season and causes her to fall out with her friends at the end of the season as she is seen to be picking Maxine's brother over her friends. She also ends her relationship with Marcus after he calls their relationship a 'mistake' after trying to save her reputation with her friends.

Georgia becomes involved in local government and begins dating and later gets engaged to Mayor Paul Randolph. She is also involved in a potential love triangle as she shares chemistry with local coffee shop owner Joe, who she once met many years before at a bus stop where they shared a sandwich. She also has another brief romance with Zion, Ginny's father who stops in town for a short spell. 

The season ends with Ginny and Georgia fighting as Ginny uncovers the truth about her mother's murderous past. Ginny then takes her younger brother Austin, and the pair leave town on a motorbike.

Ginny & Georgia

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What happened to Kenny Drexel?

Kenny Drexel is a minor character in the first season, as Georgia's ex-husband. It is his death that kicks off the season as Georgia inherits his money and leaves to start a new life with her children.

It is revealed in the first season that Georgia murdered Kenny after she saw him behaving inappropriately with Ginny. A flashback showed Ginny and Georgia exercising and when Georgia left the room, Kenny took the opportunity to grope Ginny under the guise of helping her adjust her position. Georgia then decides to poison her husband's smoothie with wolfsbane and he later has a heart attack and dies in a car accident. 

A private investigator looks into this possible murder and investigates Georgia after Kenny's coffin is exhumed and his grave is found empty. In the final episode of the season, Georgia hints that she placed Kenny's ashes in fireworks and evidence has now been scattered and lost forever. It is Kenny's murder that shocks Ginny and causes her to take Austin and run away. 

Ginny & Georgia

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What did Georgia to to her first husband Anthony?

However, it is also revealed in the season that Kenny is not Georgia's first husband that she has murdered. Another flashback reveals that Georgia killed her first husband Anthony Green. Georgia also poisoned Anthony and made it look like he went missing after he became too controlling and abusive. 

In the final episode of season 1, the PI investigating Georgia found out about Anthony's disappearance, which only added to his interest in her as a suspect in Kenny's death.

What can fans expect in Ginny & Georgia season 2?

The season 2 trailer of Ginny & Georgia was released by Netflix and suggests that despite Ginny running away with Austin at the end of the first season, the children quickly reconnect with their mother and move back home.

Ginny appears to be working with the Private Investigator who is looking into Georgia's past as one clip shows the two of them sitting and talking about Georgia being a dangerous person.

Ginny also appears to mend her relationship with Marcus and the pair are seen having a heart-to-heart and canoodling. Ginny also seems to still be struggling with her friends and only has companionship in Abby, as Max and Norah appear to still be angry with her. 

The trailer also shows that Austin reconnects with his father Gil who comes back into town. This will likely add to the drama in the upcoming season, as Georgia is faced with yet more unfinished business from her past.

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