Wedding for sale! This TikTok user is looking for someone to buy her big day in New York City

TikTok never fails to surprise us

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You can find just about anything on TikTok—kitchen hacks, the trendiest beauty products, and yes, even a pre-planned wedding in Brooklyn, New York. The social media wonders never cease! 

On April 26, Mackenzie Newcomb (@mackinstyle) took a leap of faith and decided to put her September wedding (originally estimated at $25,000) up for grabs for $15,000. How did she get the word out? TikTok, naturally. 

"Are you an engaged New Yorker? Do you have a low budget and exquisite taste? You should buy my wedding in Brooklyn," she said before delving into event specifics. 

See Mackenzie's TikTok wedding video below


##greenscreen are you an ##engaged ##NewYorker with a low budget, great taste and crippling anxiety over ##weddingplanning? Just buy my ##wedding instead!

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The destination of choice is a literary lover's paradise: Milk & Rose is an Italian restaurant-library hybrid in Greenpoint that will hold up to 80 people for the big day—September 18, 2021. Jose Melgarejo will capture all of the moments in the Secret Garden-themed celebration for the bride and groom while TCM DJ Events will keep guests entertained. 

It seems like all systems go, so why sell the event? 

"It was kind of serendipitous," Mackenzie tells woman&home. 

During the ever-unpredictable 2020, she and her then-fiancé, Ben Jerrom, left New York and ended up spending the summer in seaside Massachusetts. Upon stopping by to see her grandparents at their waterfront rental house in Hingham, Mackenzie was struck with an idea. 

"When we went to visit them for dinner, we couldn't even believe the place," she said about the property. "It was such a magical yard, I turned to my then-fiancé and said, 'Let's get married here. Let's just do it.'"

Three weeks later, an impromptu, downsized ceremony with only the immediate family took place outside right along the water, where her grandmother officiated. The bride surprised her husband by wearing her original gown (which she originally put on the back burner for a Lilly Pulitzer sundress) and had their friend, singer Andrew Smith, serenade them on their special day. 

"He has this cool Michael Bublé thing going on," she joked. 

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"It was so perfect—just the most amazing day. Nothing about it felt like it needed to be redone," Mackenzie said.

Upon deciding to stay in Massachusetts, the newlyweds felt as though the New York City event would no longer be necessary in 2021, and therefore decided to make Gotham brides an offer they can't refuse.

Despite the viral attention her video has garnered, Mackenzie has received a handful of serious requests—roughly 40–50—and email specific details to those who are considering the purchase. In addition to the $15,000, which she is accepting in installments, the new bride and groom will be responsible for paying the venue $3,100 for tax, tips, and production entertainment. Should COVID rules still be in effect in September, the guest list will have to drop to 50 people and a DJ will not be included. Mackenzie, a content creator, can also provide any technical info regarding the transition of matrimonial powers.

Have a serious inquiry? You'll have to move quickly: "We want to make everything official by the end of next week," Mackenzie told woman&home.

Sometimes it's those serendipitous moments that work out better than our plans. And, when all else fails, you can always go searching for the solution on TikTok.

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