Victoria Beckham's 'odd' dietary requests at Spanish wedding revealed

The British fashion designer and former Spice Girl apparently asked for the 'whole menu' of the Seville reception to be changed

Victoria Beckham's 'odd' dietary requests at Spanish wedding revealed
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Victoria Beckham had some 'odd' dietary requirements at a celebrity wedding she attended with husband David in 2019, a Spanish chef has recently revealed. 

The former Spice Girl apparently asked for a 'totally different' meal to her fellow guests at the wedding of footballer Sergio Ramos and his journalist wife Pilar Rubio three years ago, much to the dismay of the glitzy reception's hardworking kitchen staff. 

Speaking on a Spanish chat show on Monday night, Michelin star chef Dani Garcia recalled how his whole menu for the Seville nuptials was 'changed' by Victoria to be 'vegetable-based' ‒ an alteration he didn't seem too happy to take on.  

"It was very strange," he admitted. "It was very sad because when you make such an effort, not just me and my team but the bride and groom and everyone else to create such a unique menu." 

Garcia then recalled how Victoria, 48, had multiple "odd" requests during the star-studded banquet, some of which he had "never seen in my life." 

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"She had coconut water, all the time, a bowl of mints, and then on the other side, hydroalcoholic gel which is very famous now but back then wasn’t because the Covid pandemic hadn’t started,” he explained, before calling the experience of satisfying the British fashion designer's specific tastes 'complicated'. 

Whether the mom-of-four made similar requests for her dinner at Brooklyn Beckham's wedding reception, which kept guests' hunger at bay with a Wendy's fast food truck, remains unknown. 

This isn't the first time that Victoria's eccentric dinner table habits have hit headlines. The Wannabe singer confessed to the Sun last year that she is most restaurants' 'worst nightmare', revealing that she typically only orders dishes like 'steamed vegetables' with no 'oils or butters or sauces'. She also said that her signature treat is whole-grain toast with a sprinkling of salt, calling the bready snack "that carbohydrate that makes you feel comforted." 

This plain palate has been further demonstrated in Victoria's low-calorie birthday cakes, which have historically been created with towers of exotic fruit rather than the traditional combo of batter and icing. She did, however, get a little more experimental when she turned 40 in April, celebrating with a seven-tiered gateau made by her friend, David Grutman.

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