Victoria Beckham's boozy go-to treat revealed as she admits she actually avoids fruit

Victoria Beckham's go-to treat is right up our street

Victoria Beckham treat
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Victoria Beckham has revealed the boozy treat she indulges in when she wants to unwind and says that she actually tends to avoid fruit. 

The fashion mogul and beauty icon has shared details of what she eats to keep her body feeling at its best and looking svelte, confessing that it centres around fresh foods, plenty of nutrients, discipline with what she eats plus a glass or two of wine and a dash of tequila once in a while. 

And while heaps of veggies are involved, and of course staying active with the likes of weight lifting and running, VB isn't much of a fruit eater and says she suffers from bloating if she eats too much. 

"I love fruit but don't eat too much, as it can make me feel quite bloated," she told Net-A-Porter. 

"I eat lots of fresh fish, fresh vegetables and salads, as well as seeds and nuts," Victoria, who recently revealed her trick for the ultimate summer glow, added.

"I am disciplined with my eating – that's how I find I get the most out of my body."

Victoria Beckham treat

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Victoria isn't one to shy away from an alcoholic beverage either and has shut down any idea that she doesn't indulge in carbs, adding, "My treat is a few glasses of red wine, and I also love tequila, and I do eat carbs."

And nutrient-packed superfoods with nourishing fats and plenty of vitamins are part of her daily diet too, with the Spice Girls legend continuing, "I have lots of avocado and really good fats, like salmon."

Victoria Beckham boozy treat

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Victoria, who shares sons Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz and daughter Harper with husband David, also once revealed the slightly bizarre but weirdly tempting sounding snack she loves to satisfy her cravings for carbs and salt. 

Speaking on River Café's Table 4 podcast, she said, "I like wholegrain toast with salt on it. It’s that carby thing, isn't it? It's that carbohydrate that makes you feel comforted and I love salt.

"I'm a savoury person as opposed to a sweet person."

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