Upcoming Amazon docu-series LuLaRich gets to the bottom of the bizarre LuLaRoe pyramid scheme

LuLaRich will feature interviews with the co-founders of LuLaRoe, former retailers, and more

DeAnne Stidham and Mark Stidham, co-founders of LuLaRoe
(Image credit: Courtesy of Amazon Studios)

Amazon has a new investigative docu-series for true crime fans to add to their watchlist. LuLaRich will examine the rapid growth of the leggings company LuLaRoe and the hidden marketing scheme that made the company millions of dollars, while secretly robbing its employees.

Good news for true crime fans—it looks like the end of summer is promising a line-up of true crime hits. Amazon Prime just dropped the first trailer of its four-part series on the LuLaRoe pyramid scheme that made headlines back at the beginning of the year. The series will be available to stream on September 10 (right after Steve Martin’s new murder comedy series comes out).

Viewers get a sneak peek at interviews with the co-founders of the leggings company (which is still active) as they attempt to redeem themselves.

If your favorite Netflix series is leaving Netflix August 2021, this series will keep you busy before some of your favorite fall shows, like Succession's season 3 premiere.

What is the LuLaRoe pyramid scheme?

Part of the reason the clothing retailer became such a huge success was because of its business model. It promised those who invested money in the company (which were mostly women) the ability to choose their own hours and work from home. Those who took the plunge and invested anywhere from $10,000 in the company, were tasked with selling leggings to others and bringing in more retailers who would work underneath them—creating, essentially, a pyramid model.

From 2016 to 2019, the co-founders made thousands of dollars while their retailers struggled with growing debt and unsold products. Then, in 2019, Attorney General Bob Ferguson of Washington state, sued LuLaRoe and its co-founders by claiming the company misled people on how profitable it was to be a LuLaRoe retailer. 

LuLaRoe Leggings featured in new Amazon Prime series LuLaRich

(Image credit: Courtesy of Amazon Studios)

While LuLaRoe denied the allegations, in February of this year, they came to a settlement of $4.75 million. $4 million of it was to go to around 3,000 Washington residents who were recruited by the company.

“Every Washington retailer who lost money under LuLaRoe’s pyramid structure will receive restitution,” The attorney general said in a news release.

The agreement from the King County Superior Court in Seattle also required the company to be more transparent with retailers as well as publish an income disclosure statement that provides an accurate amount of money retailers might earn.

More details about the work experience and demands of the job will be unearthed in the upcoming series, which drops on Amazon Prime Sept. 10.

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