Tom Daley's Team GB cardigan was knitted while watching the Olympics and it's actually so stylish

Tom Daley's Team GB cardigan is too cute to handle as he wows with his knitting prowess once again

Tom Daley
Tom Daley at Tokyo Olympics
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Tom Daley's Team GB cardigan, which he knitted while watching the Tokyo Olympics, is the most wholesome thing you'll see all week. 

In the same year that British Olympian Tom Daley won gold, he's also establishing himself as a champion in the knitting world. So much so that he finished an incredible Team GB cardigan in only a matter of days!

The athlete was previously photographed sitting in the audience at the women's 3m springboard final, busying himself with his knitting needles while taking in his fellow athletes' performances.

Tom has been proving that knitting isn't just for nanas with his much-publicized love of the classic craft and if his latest offering is anything to go by—this knitter is going for gold.

Tom Daley knitting

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Throughout the 2021 Tokyo Olympic games, the dad-of-one has been seen click-clacking away with his knitting needles. 

Before he wowed with his latest creation, one of his most popular Olympics-themed creations was his ingenious Team GB medal case.

Tom shared a snap of his clever creation on the Instagram account he has dedicated to his passion for all things yarn. 

The diver has become synonymous with knitting and his Instagram account had a remarkable 998k followers at the time of writing this piece.

His hobby appears to have evolved into a family affair as Tom's intricate needlework is often modeled by his husband Dustin Lance Black and their adorable son Robbie.

It's been confirmed that the athlete's passion most certainly isn't just for show, as his other half responded to a tweet showing Tom knitting with, "looks a bit like a lockdown date/movie night on the couch at home to me! #NetflixAndKnit."

Dustin; a film director, producer, screenwriter and LGBT+ activist; began dating Tom back in 2013. The loved-up pair were married in 2017 and they didn't wait long to grow their family, welcoming their son Robbie in 2018.

In the years since their mutual love and support have been well-publicized and there wasn't a dry eye in the house when Tom, after years competing, finally bagged a gold medal for Team GB at the Tokyo Olympics 2021. 

After the huge win, his proud as punch husband took to his Twitter account and said, "No words! So so many tears! @TomDaley1994 you're an OLYMPIC CHAMPION!"

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