Sylvester Stallone says him and wife Jennifer Flavin did not get divorced over 'trivial argument' about their dog

Following their breakup announcement, Sylvester Stallone and Jennifer Flavin speak up about reason for divorce

Sylvester Stallone and Jennifer Flavin
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Last week, Sylvester Stallone's wife Jennifer Flavin filed for divorce from the actor after 25 years of marriage. Despite previous reports, the former couple did not split over an argument regarding their Rottweiler Dwight dog.

"We did not end the relationship on such a trivial argument," the 76-year-old Rocky actor said in an official statement to TMZ. "We just went in different directions. I have the highest respect for Jennifer. I will always love her. She's an amazing woman. She's the nicest human being I've ever met."

Sylvester and Jennifer met back in 1988 in Beverly Hills, California and got married in 1997. They share three daughters: 25-year-old Sophia, 24-year-old Sistine and 20-year-old Scarlet. 

Sylvester is also father to Seargeoh, his son with ex-wife Sasha Czack. The actor and Starlin Wright also had a son, Sage, who tragically passed of a heart disease in 2012.

After news of Sylvester and Jennifer’s split became public, rumors started circulating about the reason for the divorce, with plenty of folks pointing to a tattoo on Sylvester’s arm as a clue.The celebrity had a picture of his former wife on his arm that was recently refreshed to look like the family dog. When asked about the change, Sylvester told TMZ that he had had the tattoo of Jennifer for 14 years and wanted to freshen it up. During the session, the image got "messed up" and he then decided to morph it into a tattoo of the canine. Sylvester told the outlet that he still has a tattoo of Jennifer on his back.

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Tabloids also reported that the former couple got into "heated arguments" over Sylvester's insistence on getting a new dog as protection. 

In regards to her petition "for dissolution of marriage and other relief," Jennifer told PEOPLE earlier this week that, "I'm sad to announce that after 25 years of marriage I have filed for divorce from my husband Sylvester Stallone. While we will no longer be married, I will always cherish the more than 30-year relationship that we shared, and I know we are both committed to our beautiful daughters. I ask for privacy for our family as we amicably move forward."

Sylvester himself shared a statement with the outlet, saying, "I love my family. We are amicably and privately addressing these personal issues."

According to TMZ, 54-year-old Jennifer even accused her former husband of "mishandling marital assets." Sylvester denies the allegation.

Just three months ago, the couple celebrated their silver wedding anniversary with Instagram tributes to each other. 

"Happy 25th anniversary to my amazing wife," Sylvester wrote in a caption to a number of photos of the couple. "There is not enough words to describe what this incredibly selfless dedicated, patient, woman has meant to our lives and I only wish they could be another 25! Thank you sweetheart!"

Jennifer, a former model, echoed her husband’s sentiments in her own upload that has since been deleted. 

"Happy 25th wedding anniversary to us! 🥰❤️❤️❤️," she wrote in a post. "Thank you for always keeping me laughing, loving and protecting our beautiful family! Our marriage keeps getting better every year! I can't wait to spend the rest of our lives together! 🥰❤️❤️❤️"

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