Supermodel Helena Christensen celebrates her birthday by taking a freezing dip in a classic black bathing suit

Looking as stunning as ever, 54-year-old Helena Christensen sure knows how to make her birthday special

Helena Christensen
(Image credit: Theo Wargo / Staff)

Happy 54th birthday, Helena Christensen!

Just a few days after Cindy Crawford, Christy Turlington and Helena Christensen reunited for sweet snap, the Danish beauty took to Instagram to celebrate her birthday, which actually happened on Christmas Day. 

Helena specifically uploaded two videos to the social media platform. In the first one, she's seen taking off the stunning hot pink gown that's covering a chic, black bathing suit. In the next clip, the model actually climbs down the steps to the river that she's standing next to and then goes for a (pretty cold, we imagine!) swim. 

Helena, whose secrets to staying slim still amaze us, captioned the videos, "Merry birthday to me 🎂 another dip around the sun 🌊💝."

The comments section of the post is filled with well wishes from fellow models, celebrities and the star's many fans.

"Happy birthday! You look 🔥 even in the 🥶!," writes Cindy.

"Happy Birthday Beauty 💞," chimes in Christy.

Former Canadian model Yasmeen Ghauri notes, "Happy birthday gorgeous woman! 😻♥️" while American beauty Amber Valletta comments, "Merry and Happy birthday to you gorgeous and most sweet soul! I love you❤️❤️❤️"

Actors Julianne Moore ("Happy birthday you Nut. Love u so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️") and Diane Kruger ("❤️❤️❤️❤️") also commented, as did chef Jamie Oliver ("Happy birthday 👏👏👏👏 woop woop hope you had the best day x x xx). 

Helena is clearly loved by all!

In other Helena-related news, the model recently appeared in a suit campaign for Marcell Von Berlin alongside her 23-year-old son Mingus Lucien, whom she shares with ex Norman Reedus and who has embarked on his own modeling career in recent years.

Helena Christensen

(Image credit: Toni Anne Barson Archive / Contributor)

Back in July, the runway star opened up about her illustrious career and gave a glimpse at what's next in Italian magazine Grazia. "I like the randomness of life," she said to the outlet. "I don't plan ahead too far, I keep the future a little bit at bay. It pisses me off [to] no end that I’ll die one day and not experience the future. If a vampire passed by me in the night, I would totally give my neck. I’m so ready to live forever."

As for life outside of modeling, Helena went on the record about the various humanitarian missions that she has embarked on throughout the years, including one to Jordan right before the pandemic.

“Once you’ve been to a refugee camp with 600,000 people you can’t even begin to imagine… It’s an entire city, there’s a million people in Copenhagen, and now it’s probably more like 700,000 in the camp I went to. It just doesn’t make sense. This situation in Ukraine has absolutely shed a light on so many other situations that have been ongoing for years,” she said to the magazine.

Clearly, Helena has used her 54 years on planet earth really well. 

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