SNL's Bowen Yang is one of the latest celebrities to speak out against Asian hate

'I don’t have the answers, but I am not just looking for them online. I’m looking around me.'

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We can count on SNL's Bowen Yang for a few good laughs—that's for sure. But his most recent stint on Weekend Update wasn't all about the giggles.

The comedian decided to use his platform to discuss the violence Asians have been experiencing over the past several weeks, insisting that people "do more." While sure, ha-ha quips like, "Six ways you can check in on your AAPI friends and tell them they’re so hot" were comical, the underlying tone was serious and called for an end to the violence. "I’m just a comedian. I don’t have the answers, but I am not just looking for them online, I’m looking around me," he said.  

His final remarks did, however, find a way to incorporate his signature humor into his message. "It's the year of the metal ox which basically means a car, so everybody gets in, buckle up, it's no pee breaks, we ride at dawn Grandmas," Bowen concluded to erupting cheers from the crowd. 

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Have a full look at his Weekend Update appearance below. 

Bowen isn't the only one who has been advocating for this issue. Sandra Oh recently spoke at a Pittsburgh rally and insisted that people in the community look out for one another. Her speech was brief but ultimately well-received by those in the crowd. 

"We must understand as Asian Americans, we just need to reach our hands to our sisters and brothers and say, 'Help me,' and 'I am here,'" she said.

Students at the University of Pittsburgh captured her appearance at the rally on video and posted it to The Pitt News' YouTube page. Have a look below.

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