Shania Twain reveals her bizarre pre-performance diet

Shania Twain's pre-performance diet has been revealed as the singer talks about how she ensures she can give the best performance

Shania Twain's pre-performance diet
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Shania Twain's pre-performance diet has been revealed as the star opens up about her favorite foods and go-to meals on the road.

Shania Twain is preparing to go on tour for seven months and is set to kick off the tour in just over a week, performing songs from her album that was released earlier this year, Queen of Me. Ahead of this tour, the singer has revealed how she prepares for such an intense amount of work.

In an interview with Delish, the star opened up about her pre-performance diet as she explained how she delivers the best possible performance night after night with help from this unusual diet. The star began by explaining, that for her, a liquid-only diet works well.

Shania Twain

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"It's a vocal thing and an energy thing and a digestive thing," began Shania in the interview. Previously Shania Twain has been candid about her open-throat surgery which explains why her voice and caring for her vocal cords and the nerves surrounding them, is of utmost importance to her. 

The singer added, "When you're using your diaphragm a lot, you end up getting really burp-y and bloat-y if you're trying to manage your air after having solids."

The singer explained that she tries to avoid solids but ensures that she gets all the nutrients and calories she needs from protein shakes. "I love the shakes because if I know I'm not going to have a chance to have a nice meal, because we're in the middle of moving around and packing up bags and all that sort of stuff, I just grab a protein drink,” she said. 

She then spoke about her 'root shake' which consists of avocado, banana, almond milk and spinach, blended into a smoothie. "Sometimes I'll just use a protein powder or I'll use a protein drink that I mix in with the almond milk and it's a good hefty portion," she said. She also added that soups and savoury smoothies are another staple in her pre-performance diet.

Although she sticks to mostly liquids on the day of a show, the singer explained that there are exceptions, "If I wake up earlier than usual on a show day, then I'll treat myself to something with my tea," she said. "So I might have an avocado toast. I'll have a papaya, maybe a breakfast croissant, or something like that."

Shania Twain

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While this pre-performance diet might sound rather intense to some of us, the singer revealed that she really is a foodie at heart. When she isn't performing, she loves flavourful meals and particularly enjoys finding unique vegetarian restaurants where she can order anything on the menu.

Shania has been a firm vegetarian for years and said in the interview, "My favorite pleasure on the road is discovering new vegetarian restaurants. It's such a luxury because when you find a good vegetarian restaurant, you can go in there and order anything off the menu and you know it's good."

She then revealed that she also loves pasta and is constantly making different sauces for her family to try. "My family loves pasta and I never make the same pasta twice. That's the beauty of pasta,” she said. 

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