Sarah Jessica Parker reminisces about beloved designer Alexander McQueen—'I was in love with him'

While looking back at her most iconic Met Gala looks, Sarah Jessica Parker fondly remembers her friend Alexander McQueen, fashion designer extraordinaire

Alexander McQueen and Sarah Jessica Parker
(Image credit: Evan Agostini / Staff)

Ahead of this year's Met Gala, scheduled for May 2, fashion icon Sarah Jessica Parker sat down with Vogue to look back at some of her most unforgettable looks from "Fashion's Biggest Night."

Among the ten outfits that Sarah Jessica, who recently embraced her inner Carrie Bradshaw while working in her own shoe store, mentions is the matching tartan looks that her and Alexander donned back in 2006. 

The night's theme was "AngloMania: Tradition and Transgression in British Fashion" and Sarah Jessica and Alexander showed up in, respectively, a black and cream tulle dress featuring lace accents and a tuxedo jacket, red plaid kilt, and black lace-up boots with white knee-high socks. Two memorable outfits indeed. 

In the video, Sarah Jessica remembers that she thought of Alexander—who tragically died from suicide at the young age of 40—as soon as she heard of the theme and asked his team if he'd consider attending the gala with her.

"It wasn't a fun night. It was, but it wasn't. Because I was so nervous. I just wanted him to be okay," Sarah Jessica says about the event. "He knew how I felt about him, and there was so much affection and such a deep admiration and everybody loved him because he was such a touching person. Like everybody else, I was in love with him. I have every pin he dropped from his mouth in my possession, still. I have everything he cut off, in my possession still. I have things that seem like nothing, from every fitting I did with him, in my possession."

A year after his passing, in 2011, the Met Gala honored the late designer by selecting a theme inspired by him, Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty. That year, Sarah Jessica wore a champagne dress boasting a slew of designed jewels and a mock turtleneck. 

"I really loved it. Not very much like me so much but it was McQueen and I wanted that," Sarah Jessica says about the look in the clip. "There was so much thought about his contributions and his singular approach to his work, his draping skills, his cutting. All the things he did in his own way that made him so extraordinary."

In the video, the 57-year-old actor also reminisces about her 1995 look, inspired by the Haute Couture theme. "This dress is a little bit mysterious," she says about the all-black look. "My guess is that this was a dress from a thrift store, which then I had tailored and I clearly did my own hair and makeup."

Needless to say, we can't wait to see what Sarah Jessica will wear to the fashion event this year—especially since she had to skip the 2021 iteration of the gala for work-related reasons.

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