Ruth Langsford reveals unexpected nighttime routine - but many fans can relate

Ruth Langsford

Most of us have a regular bedtime routine. For some, it might be as simple as brushing your teeth and getting tucked under the covers.

But others might have a five-step skincare routine, or prefer to make sure the house is clean and tidy before settling down for a snooze.

However, Ruth Langsford has one thing she always does before heading to bed - but it might not be what you expect.

On yesterday's Loose Women, the 58-year-old revealed that she likes to prepare her morning cup of tea/coffee and takeaway breakfast before she goes to sleep.

The routine involves placing her teabag in her mug, next to the kettle, and leaving out a sheet of tin foil ready to wrap up her rice cakes - which she has already buttered - in the morning.

Her fellow panellists were left confused by the confession, with Saira Khan saying, "But it's a 2-second job!"

Coleen Nolan also joked that it was the reason Ruth's husband Eamonn 'spent more time' with her in the evenings - poking fun at what might be seen as a pretty arduous task.

Ruth elaborated on her nighttime routine on her Instagram later in the day, writing, 'As confessed on @loosewomen today, here is the evidence! Teabag in the mug and tin foil ready to wrap my rice cakes in the morning! Is it just me who prepares for tomorrow like this?!!! #beprepared #breakfast'.

But it seems that far from the bed-time step being unusual, many of Ruth's fans agreed that they love to do a similar thing in order to get themselves organised for the day ahead.

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One follower said, 'I’m with you Ruth if your a working mum you need to be organised', while another agreed, saying, 'I do this too Ruth, especially in the mornings,it saves time if your in a hurry, I know someone that lays the breakfast table too.💕'.

A third also commented, 'I totally do stuff like this!! Anything to help save a bit of time for another job xx'.

However, others confessed that they did find it strange, admitting they weren't sure how it would save much time.

One fan wrote, 'I can’t see this saving any time at all .. plus I wouldn’t be able to sleep with the house this untidy!'

While a second said, 'Ruth, I’m envious of how organised you are, well done 😄'.

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