Have The Duke & Duchess Of Cambridge Hired A ‘Super-Nanny’ For Prince George?

prince george nanny
prince george nanny
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He stole the show looking a little fed-up at his great-grandmother's official birthday celebrations, and raised a few eyebrows when he appeared to throw a tantrum at his Aunt Pippa's wedding. But has Prince George's behaviour really got so bad that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have had to hire a ‘super-nanny' to help them handle him?

Well, this is apparently the case based on news reports about the third-in-line to the throne. According to Netmums, Grazia magazine reported, Catherine and William have decided to hire a ‘super-nanny' to help with their eldest child.

"The new nanny is a graduate of Bath's prestigious Norland College," Netmums reports.

"She's fluent in six languages and will speak to the children in French and Spanish, as well as using her skills as a qualified child behavioural specialist to help Kate and William deal with tantrums and other issues."

It is thought that the couple's current nanny, Maria Borrallo, who has been with the family since 2014, will stay on as the ‘head nanny' out of the two.

Despite the fact that Catherine and William now reportedly have not one, but two nannies for their children, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are still said to be very hands-on parents.

Just the other evening, sources reported seeing Catherine and William attending an induction evening with Prince George at the new school he will start in September, Thomas's Battersea School in Battersea, London.

"They were there just chatting with the other parents. They seemed very sweet and normal," a source told E! news. "George was there as well. He met his new teacher."

"The kids went into their new classrooms for an hour to meet their new classmates and hear from their teachers. During that time, the parents met the head of the school and were given a welcome talk where they were told the exact specifics of the children's first day."

Catherine has previously mentioned that for her boisterous, cheeky little boy, the structure and discipline of starting school for the first time will come as some what of a shock to Prince George. "I'm not sure George has any idea what's going to hit him!" the Duchess told a fellow parents at a gala at the National Portrait Gallery earlier this year.

Prince William has previously described his son as, "a little monkey" compared to little Princess Charlotte who is, "a little joy of heaven." We wonder what the two youngest royals will make of their new nanny? We're certainly looking forward to the pictures of Prince George's first day at school.