Prince Charles' heartbreaking plea, 'we must ALL act before it's too late'

Prince Charles' emotional call to action in statement about an issue close to him and his family

Prince Charles
Prince Charles makes emotional statement about climate change
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Prince Charles has made an emotional rabble-rousing statement about the wildfires in the homeland of his father, Prince Philip, Greece.

Prince Charles has made an emotional plea to fight climate change, before it's too late. In his heartfelt statement, he referred to the wildfires devastating his father's homeland Greece. This comes only weeks after the royal made an incredible personal donation to the Greek Red Cross, a sweet gesture in memory of his father Prince Philip.

He said, "Owing to family connections, I have always felt a particular fascination and affection for Greece. Apart from the allure of her landscapes, history, and culture, both my father and grandfather were born there."

"It has been truly the stuff of nightmares to see the once blue skies above the Peloponnese, Attica and the island of Evia turn a bright orange," he continued. "As mile after mile of the country's famed landscape and over 100,000 hectares of forest and farmland have been swallowed up by ferocious flames, causing the tragic loss of life, injury and the widespread destruction of so many peoples' homes and livelihoods."

In an article written for the Daily Mail, the Prince addresses one of the most pressing issues of our time—the international climate crisis. Although it's not clear where the royal wrote the piece, many members of the firm have decamped to Balmoral, as is tradition over the summer months.

Prince Charles makes emotional statement about climate change

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"I have lost count of the number of weather-related disasters that have hit so many countries across the Commonwealth and beyond," he said.

Discussing the weather-related crises that have hit Haiti, the wildfires annihilating parts of Europe, Canada and Australia he added, "Our planet is in crisis and, no matter where you are, no country is immune."

Prince Charles has made this statement in the run up to COP26, which is the international climate change conference taking place in Glasgow in November 2021.

The royal appealed to the private sector, as well as the NGOs, charities, individuals, and governments battling this ongoing crisis.

"The aim has been to create a 'coalition of the willing' and I have challenged them to see what we could do to overcome endemic obstacles," he said. "In order to accelerate the practical transition to a greener future ahead of COP26 and beyond."

The heir to the British throne has long since dedicated his life and profile to fighting climate change. The cause, clearly very close to his heart, led to him previously discussing his fear of 'broken promises' to grandchildren Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

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