'I can't handle it': Paul O'Grady shares heartbreaking news about pet dog Bullseye

Paul O'Grady

Paul O'Grady revealed some heartbreaking news with his BBC Radio 2 listeners over the weekend, sharing that his pet dog Bullseye had passed away.

The famed dog lover told how his beloved pooch, who suffered from epilepsy, experienced a 'massive seizure' last Monday, and died on the way to the vets.

Paul shared, "Now I will tell you my lousy news.

"You know that I did have an epileptic dog called Bullseye. I've got two dogs that both have epilepsy and I've managed it with medication.

"'However on Monday night he had a massive seizure, like a really bad one that he didn't come out of and on the way to the vets at two o'clock in the morning he died in the car."

But it seems the worry didn't stop there, as the popular presenter went on to reveal that when he got home, one of his other dogs had accidentally eaten some chocolate - a treat famously poisonous for pooches.

He explained, "I get home from the vets and one of my other dogs had found a bar of chocolate that was 80% cocoa that had been left out stupidly - not by me! I don't like chocolate - on the coffee table.

"So we had to go back, it was the same emergency vet, for her to get her stomach pumped and we got her back two days later looking worse for wear because she was covered in charcoal because you know they give them charcoal at the vets."

Reflecting on the death of Bullseye, he remembered how 'lovely' a dog the pup was. He said, "I can’t tell you, poor old Bullseye.

"He was such a lovely dog. He had a thing about doorways, you had to coax him through them and he wouldn’t go upstairs. It was part of his condition I think, he was a sweet little dog and sadly missed.

"It’s just terrible really and I just said to [BBC producer] Malcolm, 'No more, that’s it Malcolm, no more animals!'"

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63-year-old Paul went on, "Maybe a mongoose might twist my arm, but no I can’t handle it. It's what I always say; invite an animal into your life, inevitably you invite heartache.

"But then why contemplate the hangover when you’re at the party, you know what I mean? So that's the poor saga about poor old Bullseye, he’s gone but not forgotten."

Of course, it's not the first time Paul O'Grady has faced the tough loss of a beloved pet. Back in 2009, his much-loved Shih Tzu/Bichon Frise cross Buster was put to sleep after a battle with cancer, and nine years later, the presenter was also forced to put down his Cairn Terrier, Olga, after she suffered kidney failure.

It's thought that Paul has around seven dogs now, having adopted many from rescue centres.

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