Paul Hollywood accused of favoritism on SU2C bake off as he helps out Matt Lucas

Paul Hollywood has been accused of favoritism as he helps out Matt Lucas during the Stand Up To Cancer Celebrity Bake Off

Paul Hollywood accused of favoritism
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Paul Hollywood has been accused of favoritism during the Celebrity SU2C Bake Off Special as he helps out his coworker Matt Lucas in the tent.

The third episode of the most recent season of Celebrity SU2C Bake Off aired on April 5, 2022, and fans were quick to notice some additional help being given in the tent.

Matt Lucas, who is typically known as co-host of GBBO joined the Celebrity Bake Off cast 2022 after another celebrity pulled out at the very last minute. While his appearance as a contestant on the show instead of a host was welcomed by fans, many were shocked when his friendship with Paul Hollywood helped him to cinch a highly sought-after handshake!

Matt Lucas

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Matt was taking part in the signature challenge and was busy making Arsenal-themed vanilla biscuits with raspberry icing and sugar glass. Everything was going well until Matt was kneading his dough and Paul stepped in to help.

Paul told Matt that to knead successfully he needed to use 'the heel of his palm,' he then took over and began kneading Matt's dough himself. Fellow contestant Ed Gamble immediately noticed this and gestured with mock outrage saying, 'What the hell?'

Co-Judge Prue Leith quickly interrupted the pair and said, "Paul my darling, if you go on helping Matt it's going to be very difficult when he wins."

Matt was then left to his own devices, but the hilarity continued. When tasting the baker's signature bakes, Prue and Paul were relatively impressed by Matt's biscuits and Paul even said that they had a 'great flavor.' 

After being egged on by Noel Fielding, Paul gave Matt a handshake while Prue tried to pull his hand away. Prue then insisted that the other bakers 'take no notice,' but all of them laughed at this sweet interaction. 

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Although there were jokes about favoritism in the tent, sadly Matt did not go on to win and was instead bested by Example (real name Elliot Gleave).

Fortunately, Matt took it like a champ and even responded to the hilarious favoritism rumors on social media. "Say what you like. I don’t care. I got a Hollywood Handshake and I won the Technical. Plus I know where they keep the Star Baker aprons so I’m going to take one anyway. Plus I’m an icon and a national treasure," said the comedian on Twitter.

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Matt Lucas has also been one of the many Channel 4 stars challenging Channel 4's Privatisation and has called for fans to sign the petition asking the government to reconsider its plans.

A spokesperson for Channel 4 also announced that the channel was 'disappointed' by this announcement and showed that this change has been met with frustration by many of the Channel 4 family.

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The Great Celebrity Bake Off SU2C began airing on Tuesday, March 22, and the next episode is set to air on Tuesday, April 12, on Channel 4 and All 4 at 8pm.

New episodes will be released every Tuesday at the same time for the next three weeks, which means 20 celebrities in total will be entering the tent.

To watch past episodes of The Great Celebrity Bake Off SU2C, head to All 4 to watch all four of the previous seasons.

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