This is the most attractive quality on online dating profiles

Honesty has been revealed to be the most attractive trait when it comes to online dating, new research has found.

People who boast profiles that present a more polished version of themselves have found to fare badly when it comes to bagging a date, whereas those who are more upfront and open about themselves do well on online dating sites.

According to analysis of 5,000 profiles on the online dating dating app Badoo those who list things like ‘living with parents’ and ‘heavy drinker’ were the most right-swiped.

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The results chime with the guidance of Badoo’s relationship psychologist, Clare Stott, who believes that the masses are not interested in dating someone who appears perfect.

She said: "Showcasing what makes you unique pays off in online dating.

“Quite often, the personal things that we leave off our profiles are the exact things that are most endearing and memorable about us.

“Research shows that being honest - and polarising - in dating is beneficial because the people who then like you will REALLY like you, which is better than having someone who is only half-interested in a ‘softened’ version of you."

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Interestingly, female users who claimed to have or want children someday were the most right-swiped, whereas male users who claimed to not want children were top of the list.

Heavy drinkers were also the most-right swiped on online dating sites for both genders compared to non-drinkers.

Although users living with parents came out as the most popular badge for both genders, this could be because the people analysed were between the ages of 18-35.

Those who fit into older categories may want to consider including other features of their life, as long as they are honest about them.

Worth bearing in mind next time you're writing your new bio...

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