Nadia Sawalha stuns her followers by revealing her messy bedroom on Instagram

Nadia Sawalha

Nadia Sawalha shocked her 99.7k followers recently after unveiling a picture of her very messy bedroom, admitting that the state of it has left her 'seriously worried'.

The Loose Women presenter shared the image after posting a picture of a similar scene just a few days ago.

In the snap, Nadia is seen surrounded by piles of clothes, bags and hangers, looking slightly bewildered about how her bedroom came to be so chaotic.

Alongside the photo, Nadia sought advice from her fans on how to tackle the problem. She wrote, 'A week later ... and my room is back to where it PRECISELY BLOODY WAS on Valentines Night!!!! Arrrrggghhhh!!!!!

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'What IS WRONG WITH ME?!? Guys ... I am seriously seriously worried about my mental state ... am I messy? Lazy? Disorganised? Is it a symptom of my undiagnosed ADHD?! Distraction? A busy life? A lack of self care?!?

'WHAT THE HELL IS IT????!!!!! I need HELLLLLPPPPPP!!!!! #hoarder #messy #mess #disorganized #help #chaotic #wardrobemalfunction #wardrobe #tidyingupwithmariekondo #tidy #untidy'.

Many of the TV star's fans sympathised with her problem, with one writing, 'Oh glad I’m not the only one !', and another saying, 'A sure sign of a busy mummy life! Don't stress it! 😍😘😁😀', others seemed keen to offer advice and help for Nadia.

Another follower suggested, 'Perhaps get some more hanging/storage space? Then as you take it off you can hang it back up?'

While another commented, saying, 'To much stuff, not enough storage, plus your a busy lady, who doesn't make time for herself x'

And a third wrote, 'Have good clean out and do a charity shop run. That way you get organised and the charity makes money. Makes you feel gooood x'.

Plenty of Nadia's other fans suggested she get a professional cleaner/organiser in to help her out, while some thought she should stop worrying about the messy room and concentrate on one cleaning task at a time.

Earlier in the week, Nadia's husband Mark spoke about her untidy habits, but sweetly confessed that he's actually learnt to love his wife's messiness.

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He wrote, 'I have grown to love the utter carnage that surrounds you wherever you go ... or whatever you do ... whether it be emotional, physical, psychological or just plain old MUCKY!'

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