Mariah Carey's daughter dubbed 'mini me' as singer shows off adorable matching hairstyles

Mariah Carey and her 11-year-old daughter Monroe look oh-so-cute while twinning in new photographs

Mariah Carey
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Mariah Carey just posted a series of photos alongside her 11-year-old daughter Monroe and fans are (rightfully!) going crazy over how adorable the duo looks in each shot.

Mariah, who was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame just a few months ago, and Monroe were both spotted showing off their awesome curly hair in the photo dump from the mother-daughter night out that Mariah posted on both Instagram and Twitter.

"Mom/Daughter Duo Hair Extravaganzas!!! 🦋💕🦋💕 #Thehairtales," 53-year-old Mariah captioned the photo she posted to Twitter.

The Grammy Award-winning artist uploaded two different images to Instagram, captioning one 'My 🦋💎" and the other "Roe Roe Diva!👑…And MImi!!🦋💎."

In each shot, Mariah and Monroe are seen wearing black outfits - Mariah a mini dress with sparkly high-heeled sandals and Monroe a dark navy sequin mini skirt with a black top, leather jacket and Converse sneakers - with matching hairstyles featuring cornrows at the top of their heads and voluminous curls falling around their shoulders.

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Mariah shares Monroe and her twin brother Moroccan with her former husband Nick Cannon. The two got married back in 2008 and had the kids in 2011. Three years later, they announced their separation, before officially getting divorced in 2016. Nick has seven other children as well.

Fans of the iconic singer are by now very familiar with both Moroccan and Monroe, who are often featured on her social media accounts and whom she has spoken at lengths about during interviews all throughout her stellar career.

For example, who can forget the time Mariah revealed a relatable parenting moment that we're still all laughing about today? 

In another memorable episode, while chatting with Us Weekly last year, Mariah went into detail about the specifics of her parenting style.

"I'm going to have to quote Mean Girls and be, like, 'I'm not a regular mom. I'm a cool mom,'" she said to the outlet. "No, there are rules in this house, thats the difference. Like, I want to be that - I don't like being the bad guy, I have to say. I really don't, like, I hate that more than anything. So, you know, I do want to be, like, 'I'm not really a mom, I'm a cool mom.' But you're never a cool mom, like, you just never are."

As for whether Monroe and Moroccan understand how famous both their parents are, Mariah revealed that "they are aware of the success." 

“They see these things and they see it on a list with songs of like the most current artists. Then they see it at No. 1 and they’re like, 'What in the world,'" Mariah said back then.

After posting the various photos with Monroe just yesterday, Mariah's social media accounts were flooded with comments from fellow celebrities and fans regarding how much the mother-daughter duo resembles each other.

"Mariah really said copy and paste!," one user hilariously commented on Instagram. 

Supermodel Heidi Klum simply wrote, "😍😍❤️❤️" while American singer-songwriter Anastacia commented, "Mini Mimi🥰❤️I got it from my mama🤩."

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