Lisa Faulkner reveals the mindset that helped overcome 'wobble' about turning 50

Lisa Faulkner is embracing her fifties after changing the way she thinks about aging

Lisa Faulkner headshot on an evening out
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Lisa Faulkner has opened up about turning 50 earlier this year and how she changed her mindset on aging.

The TV presenter, who celebrated her 50th birthday at Soho Farmhouse with her family and friends, admitted she originally felt quite negative about the milestone birthday (if one of your loved ones is set to have a milestone birthday, we have a great guide to the 50th birthday gift ideas). 

“I had a real wobble about it, I really worried about turning 50 and then actually it was great,” she told The Mirror. “I feel very grateful that I’ve turned 50 so I focus on how lucky I am to be here rather than how old I’ve turned.”

“I had such a lovely time with my close friends and family,” she explains. “I built it up to be such a big thing in my head and then actually it wasn’t.

"You have to do what you want to do. I didn’t want to have a massive party, I just wanted my family and friends to have a lovely dinner and dance around the living room.” 

It's a stark contrast to the likes of Jennifer Garner who couldn't wait to turn 50, calling the age "empowering".

Lisa Faulkner celebrated her birthday in style with an incredible birthday cake made from huge doughnuts. She captioned the photograph, "A little bit more birthday spam... just having such a lovely time. Better than I ever thought !! Thank you @julietsear for my gorgeous birthday cake and @kevanjonfashion for my birthday dress."

Take a look at our round up of the best cake recipes if you're feeling inspired.

Lisa celebrated her birthday at Soho Farmhouse with her nearest and dearest, including her husband John Torode. John and Lisa, who met on Masterchef, are looking forward to celebrating their third wedding anniversary together next month. The couple got married in 2019 during a lavish ceremony in Northamptonshire. Before they wed - John and Lisa revealed the unexpected thing they wouldn't be able to resist doing on their wedding day - arguing about the food.

“When we work together it’s usually for a short space of time,” Lisa told the Mirror. “John does his thing and I do mine and then we come together to do John & Lisa’s Weekend Kitchen, but we love it, it’s so lovely. It’s so much fun because the producers just let us cook. They put the ingredients in front of us, say ‘action’ and we
cook and chat as if we’re at home.”

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