John Torode and Lisa Faulkner reveal the unexpected thing he won't be able to resist doing on their wedding day

John Torode, Lisa Faulkner

Lisa Faulkner and John Torode appeared on Lorraine this morning, where they shared some exciting details about their upcoming nupitals with the presenter.

The cooking couple, who got engaged in December, revealed that plans for their wedding are 'all good', before admitting that one part that may cause arguments is, ironically, the food.

When it comes to the wedding breakfast, John first admitted that they'll be applying their simple, wholesome ethos to the menu.

He revealed, “This goes back to the whole premise of the show [their ITV cooking show], what we do at home is really what everybody likes to eat. It will be pretty simple, done nicely and hopefully make everybody smile and not be nervous.”

However, Lisa revealed that she thinks she'll have to battle to keep her fiance out of the kitchen before the wedding, and on the day - before his chef habits take over!

She said, “I think I will have to be making sure that he has not gone off to the kitchen to check on stuff.

"He did say, ‘The night before, I think I will cook this,’ and I was like, ‘You are not cooking anything!’"

During the show the couple also spoke about the day of their engagement on Christmas Day, with John confessing that he purposely timed the proposal in order to keep it secret for a few hours.

“It was Christmas Day. I did it four hours early, we were away and I did it on purpose because of the time difference so she couldn’t act talk to anybody," John confessed. "I had her to myself for four hours.”

Lisa admitted however that not being able to share their happy news straight away was tough.

Laughing, she said, “It was horrific. I just wanted to call my sister. I wanted to tell her and I couldn’t tell anybody. I was like, ‘What time do you think I can call her, 6.30?’”