Line of Duty fans spot filming blunder in dramatic season 6 scene – but did *you* notice it?

Line of Duty fans have some hilarious theories to explain it...

Vicky McClure and Martin Compston in BBC's Line of Duty
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Line of Duty is well and truly back with a bang in its dramatic sixth season, but eagle-eyed fans have been quick to discover a clue of their own. 

Line of Duty Season 6 may have only just kicked off, but already Sunday is the highlight of our week as we hope to discover the answer to the ultimate question – who is H in Line of Duty? We have certainly had more than a few hints along the way in this binge-able series. For those who have yet to dive into the world of anti-corruption with Superintendant Hastings, DI Kate Fleming, and DI Steve Arnott, what are you waiting for?

With plenty of intrigue, secrets, and betrayals to keep you entertained for hours, grab your best pillow and blanket and get up to speed on all you’ve missed! Though it seems that while season 6 certainly has a major twist, fans are just as quick to pick up on clues as the characters themselves. 

Taking to Twitter following the latest episode airing, many pointed out a particularly classic filming blunder in one dramatic scene – and they have some pretty hilarious explanations too.

One eagle-eyed viewer wrote: ‘Everything ok Steve, you seem to have a TV camera in the lift with you there #LineOfDuty.’ 

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While another had also noticed this filming blunder and Tweeted: ‘Cameraman spotted on Line of Duty in the lift!! #LineofDuty #LineofDuty6

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This reveal also seemed to impress fellow Line of Duty fans, with another viewer commenting: ‘Well spotted, you need to go solve who H is now please’. 

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And this wasn’t the only exciting comment this viewer’s post received, as the official Line of Duty Twitter account responded to the observation with a suitably intriguing reply. They simply wrote: ‘Or was it...’, accompanied by a brief video clip featuring new character Joanne, played by Kelly Macdonald. 

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While this has certainly got people wondering – is *this* a clue or just a clever response to a filming blunder, other fans have some pretty hilarious theories of their own. 

One suggested that it might have been the mysterious H helping DI Steve Arnott, writing: ‘Was it a cameraman OR was it H colluding with Steve disguised as a cameraman?’

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Though another put forward the idea that it wasn’t a cameraman that was spotted at all...

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Despite the most likely explanation being it was simply a filming blunder, it certainly seems as though Line of Duty fans are more than well-equipped to solve the mystery of H’s identity in the show. 

With theories upon theories out there, it’s surely only a matter of time before Anti-Corruption Unit 12 uncover the truth.

We can hardly wait!

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