Jennifer Aniston’s always-flawless hair is down to this $15 beauty bargain that'll last for years

We love it when Jennifer reveals her beauty secrets

Jennifer Aniston
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Jennifer Aniston's hair is always flawless so if you’ve always wondered how she does it, we’ve got a few tips for you. 

The actress is known for a lot of things—from her comedic chops to her devotion to health and, of course, her dating life—but it's her long hairstyles that have earned her much attention throughout her decades-long career.

By many considered to be the best hair in Hollywood, there is something about Jennifer’s locks that always resonates. Which makes us wonder: what is her secret? 

The star took to Instagram to reveal details about her daily hair routine and, believe it or not, it all looks pretty easy to emulate. 

In a video clip set to the P!NK and Willow Sage Hart song Cover Me in Sunshine, the actress is seen spraying her wet locks with detangler. She then brushes her hair with the WetBrush Pro Flex dry, a relatively affordable tool that, according to an official press release, "curves to the shape of your scalp to smooth through wet hair, cutting down drying time with the ingenious vented design." 

The best part (other than the price tag?) it suits all sorts of hair lengths and types.

WetBrush Pro Flex Dry in Ombre Teal, $15 (£14.99) | Look Fantastic

WetBrush Pro Flex Dry in Ombre Teal, $15 (£14.99) | Look Fantastic

Tiny beads at the end of each of the super-soft bristles mean that the brush can glide effortlessly through your locks, smoothing out any tangles and avoiding the risk of pulling, tugging or breakage.

Jennifer's routine then calls for a bit of LolaVie's perfecting leave-in conditioner before a thorough blow-dry. We told you, easy peasy. 

In addition to the brush, we do suggest you invest in the various LolaVie products that the actress promotes. Full disclosure, though: Jennifer actually owns the brand, which launched in September of this year. 

So passionate is the business owner about her line that she is actually currently only carrying the two products seen in the Instagram clip. They are clearly very good buys and worth the investment. 

"I wanted our first couple products to be multifunctional, like a Swiss Army knife," Jennifer told Harper's Bazaar. "Our Perfecting Leave-In and Glossing Detangler are so much more than their names. They simplify my hair routine on top of delivering better manageability and reducing breakage from styling."

If there is one person you should trust when it comes to matters of the hair, it is Jennifer. So, go ahead, and try your hand at her pretty simple-looking daily routine.

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