Jennifer Aniston fans shocked as TV host makes unkind suggestion live on air

Jennifer Aniston appeared on The One Show, a UK based show, alongside Reese Witherspoon when the awkward encounter happened

Jennifer Aniston was blindsided by an awkward comment from a presenter during a recent live interview. The star appeared on the show alongside her co-star and friend Reese Witherspoon to promote their current project.

The actors were on The One Show to discuss The Morning Show season 2 when the jarring interaction happened. The live, prime time slot on UK broadcaster BBC's The One Show has subsequently left many reeling.

Some viewers commented that as hosts Zoe Ball and Jermaine Jenas began the interview, Jennifer looked uncomfortable from the outset. This in of itself wouldn't gain too much attention but things took a turn for the worse when Jermaine commented that the actor wasn't a 'morning person.'

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His comment came after he asked the Friends actor, and founder of her new haircare line, LolaVie, about her research ahead of making the show. In particular, what it was like going behind the scenes on a real morning TV show, Good Morning America.

Jennifer responded, "I learned the slow burn that it is. It’s a very vampire state of life and mind that you guys live in. Everybody comes alive in the middle of the night and it’s a slow-moving train."

"I got there at five in the morning," she explained, "and the hallways were quiet and people are just slowly waking up and then all of a sudden, the train starts moving and it gets crazier and crazier."

Jennifer was still mid-flow saying, "It’s utter chaos," when Jermaine interrupted her. 

He said, “Reese, I am going to be honest with you. Jennifer pretty much sold it to be that she is not a morning person, so I am going to ask you, are you a morning person?”

A very shocked-looking Jennifer responded, "Did I sell that to you?"

Jermaine then said, “A little bit.”

The interaction got even more awkward when the Hollywood A-lister said, “Did I get a good deal?”

The icing on the awkwardness cake was when Jermaine called Jennifer Rachel, an obvious blunder related to her character in Friends.

Viewers were quick to notice the awkward interaction.

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One user tweeted, "Just had the unfortunate experience of seeing the amazing Reese Witherspoon & Jennifer Aniston being interviewed by Jermaine Jenas. Tripping over his words and interrupting them. Get the man off prime time tv. He’s a below average football pundit at best."

However, some users felt that Jennifer was the rude one in the interaction. One viewer commented, "Jennifer Anniston’s ‘tude in this interview is cringe. She keeps on looking to the side awkward."

Another added, "I really like Jennifer Aniston but was there really any need for her to be like that with Jermaine Jenas as he was only having a joke with her."

Neither Jermaine nor Jennifer have commented on the interview so hopefully, all is well between them both.

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