Is the Yellowstone Ranch real and where is it?

Fans of the hit series Yellowstone are wondering one major question about the show, is the Yellowstone Ranch a real place?

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The Yellowstone Ranch is the cornerstone of the beloved Paramount series that focuses on the Dutton family ranch and the complications that come along with the responsibility of owning this land. 

Following the launch of Yellowstone season 5, fans have been obsessed with finding out more about the Dutton family and the ranch that is the focal point of the series. But is the Yellowstone ranch a real place in Montana, is the site actually a cattle ranch, and can you visit? Here is everything you need to know...

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Is the Yellowstone Dutton ranch a real place?

Yes! The Yellowstone Dutton Ranch is a real place in Darby, Montana, but it's actually called the Chief Joseph Ranch. The key set locations featured in the series which are located on the Chief Joseph Ranch include the Armory, Rip's cabin, Lee’s cabin, Trapper cabin, barns (including the corrals, arena, round pen, bunkhouse, and fields), the woods, cemetery, and entrance, Rip’s boyhood home, and several locations on the Bitterroot River property of the ranch.

The showrunners used this 2,500-acre working ranch for the show, and the ranch itself has a fascinating history all of its own.

The ranch is home to a native trail that traversed the ranch just west of the Lodge. The ranch was previously named the Shelton Ranch, The Ford-Hollister Ranch, and was only renamed in the 1950s The Chief Joseph Ranch. The ranch was named after Chief Joseph, the great Nez Perce Chief who led his people across the ranch from the US Army during the Nez Perce War in the summer of 1877. 

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Can you visit the Yellowstone ranch?

You can actually visit and stay at the ranch that was used as the Yellowstone Dutton ranch in the show.  The Montana based ranch has a number of cabins that guests can stay in - and many of them were actually featured in the show! 

The cabins available includes Lee Dutton's Cabin which is also known as the Fisherman cabin, and Rip's Cabin known as the Ben Cook Cabin in real life. 

Unsurprisingly, the Chief Joseph Cabin is not taking any more reservations for 2022. It is thought that fans of Yellowstone who want to visit and stay at the ranch, will be able to do so in the coming year once the filming schedule for Yellowstone has been confirmed and the staff at the ranch can plan for holidaymakers. 

Sadly, Chief Joseph Ranch does not offer tours without a cabin reservation. This rule is likely in place to prevent the working ranch from becoming overrun with Yellowstone fans. However, fans are welcome to come and take pictures at the gates which feature the Dutton Ranch sign. Although it is worth noting that during filming there are security guards at the gate who will not allow photos to be taken.

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