Hugh Grant slams UK government for allegedly exploiting pandemic to ‘enrich’ donors and friends

Hugh Grant has accused the UK government of taking advantage of the pandemic to boost their own interests

SAN SEBASTIAN, SPAIN - SEPTEMBER 18: Hugh Grant attends 'Florence Foster Jenkins' photocall during 64th San Sebastian Film Festival on September 18, 2016 in San Sebastian, Spain. (Photo by Juan Naharro Gimenez/WireImage)
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Hugh Grant has criticized the UK government for exploiting the Covid-19 pandemic to benefit its friends and donors. 

The Love Actually actor took to Twitter to share a news report about an IT company with ‘extensive links to the Conservatives' that was allegedly given over £16 million across 11 coronavirus contracts. 

“Always heartwarming to watch this government exploit a pandemic to enrich their friends and donors,” he wrote in a post that has now been retweeted 1.7k times. 

Softcat PLC, the company in question, is a British IT infrastructure and services provider with a yearly net income of £75.6 million. Led by a Tory-donating director, it receives significant investment from Conservative Lord Nash, the Government Lead Non-Executive Director. 

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While the report, which was the result of an investigation by the non-profit organization All The Citizens, did not find any illegal activity, it did notice a ‘worrying trend of Tory-adjacent firms receiving contracts.’ 

In response to the claims, a Cabinet Office spokesperson told the Independent, “Non-Executive directors declare any relevant interest upon appointment, which are transparently published annually, and they follow the Code of Conduct for board members of public bodies. Their independent advice brings an external perspective to scrutinize the business of government and ensure value for taxpayers’ money.”

Hugh’s post ignited a heated dialogue online, with many Twitter users voicing their anger at the current government’s handling of the pandemic. 

“The level of corruption in this government is eye-watering,” one person replied. “The fact that it is all there - in open view for all to see - and there are no consequences, is nauseating.” 

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Others thanked Hugh for speaking out, applauding him for using his platform for the greater good. 

“Just imagine if more ‘celebrities’ had the b*lls to stand up and tell the truth, people might actually be aware of what's going on 'cause the media ain't telling them," one fan replied. 

This isn’t the first time Hugh has voiced his opinions on the UK government. In 2019, he admitted he had considered entering politics but ultimately decided against the radical career move. “I think I would struggle to follow party orders. I think I might be too old and too pleased with myself to be obedient,” he explained. 

Instead, Hugh chose to channel his efforts into campaigning with the Liberal Democrats to stop a Conservative government. 

“I don’t think that what is left of the Conservative party, once they’ve expelled anyone who was responsible or decent or sane, is something I can contemplate as the government of a country that I love," he admitted. 

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