Good news, shoppers: Costco food courts are finally making a comeback

Snag a treat on your next grocery run

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In need of groceries? Spice up your next Costco run by swinging by the food court while you're wandering the aisles. (It's the best way to gather goods for your family, after all.) After a lengthy hiatus, shoppers' favorite feature is slowly making a comeback, and a $1.50 hot dog-soda combo is definitely in your future. 

Costco Chief Financial Officer Richard Galanti sat down with CNN and said that the process—although exciting—will not be immediate. Stores are starting to reintegrate outdoor seating, and indoor seating will soon follow as states begin to ease COVID-19 regulations. Beloved menu items such as smoothies and churros are coming back as well. (What better shopping snack can you think of, really?) As things settle down, Richard noted that cooked sample items (think breakfast sandwiches and noodles) will be the next feature to reemerge. 

We don't know about you, but we're anxious for a bite of something sweet. A small reward is always welcome, especially from Costco's beloved food courts. 

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"They're [the food courts] one of the things we're known for," Richard revealed to CNN. 

The fact that the food courts are making a return is a sign that the world we knew pre-pandemic is somewhat in sight. As we continue to navigate this unusual time and attempt to stay as healthy as possible, the CDC encourages people to uncover facts vs. myths about the vaccine and learn what to do after being fully vaccinated

(Note: while you can technically spread the virus after you've been vaccinated, chances are slim, according to the Associated Press. There's also the slight possibility that you can become infected without showing any symptoms. Currently, the vaccines are effective at preventing people from getting severely sick with the virus.)

Stay safe and enjoy all of your favorite sweets!

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